My daily update. (Naamah)

As a rookie in this world I would like to share my progress with you. My intention is to count my evolution with the first entity with which I intend to work: Our Lady Naamah. My work plan is to start with daily sessions, before going to sleep, meditation with her enn. I will tell you my experiences and everything that happens. Soon I hope to tell you the first evocation. I hope you like it…


Day 1:
Before proceeding to meditation I take a shower and try to be and feel as clean as possible. I brush my teeth and get some perfume. Then I go to my room (I must clarify that I live with my family, and when I do this I do it in my room with the door closed). I put on my sleepwear and lie on the bed. That night I was nervous, since I didn’t know how things were going to go. I lie in bed, cover myself with the blanket and take a pre-breath to relax my body from all the work done during the day. Once I feel relaxed I put an audio in which Naamah’s enn is repeated 108 times, and I concentrate and simply wait to receive. Being the first time I was quite surprised at the amount of energy that could be felt in my room. I got really nervous. I really think she was there, or at least in my mind. It was incredible. The thing did not last longer than the audio lasts (About 13 minutes) after that I thanked, said goodbye and went to sleep.


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Day 2: The experience of the second day did not change much. He felt the same energy as the other day and this time, being more familiar, there were not so many nerves. I can’t say more

Learn by heart Her evocation and deliver it with passion.


tell her your whole the world, make her your best friend, spirits like when you treat them as friends

Well, my friends, I have not updated this for a while and it is because I have not had time to move forward in this process. Today I will tell you what happened to me last night.
It was about 00:00 here in Spain, I lay in bed and started my meditation before bedtime. What I do to connect with Naamah is to call her through my thoughts. That’s what he did. I thought very loudly “Come to my mind Naamah” and I began to notice how the environment changed and a strong pressure on my third eye. I really think I heard it in my thoughts: I could distinguish a different voice from my inner voice. It wasn’t a human voice, it was a very scary voice. I started to get scared but still continued talking to her. I think we got to have a conversation where she asked me for my sexual energy in exchange for helping me develop my astral senses. After that I told him that he could leave. I imagined the spirit coming out a door (It’s what I normally do) and that’s it.
The thing does not end there after that I tried to go to sleep, but the room felt strange. I was dizzy and everything had a little vibration around me. I noticed how something moved over me, between the sheets. I was very scared, turned on the light until everything relaxed and finally got to sleep.

After what happened I have many questions:

Is Naamah a hostile entity?
Was he really talking to her?
How can I make sure it’s her?