My curse didn't work or waits for the "right" moment?

So, for those of you that worked with Lucifer before? I evoked him to curse my enemy and I did it with all my passion and intent and everything needed…I want this person out of my life because it was enough. My question is…I don’t see any signs…contrary, the person seems to be unaffected. What a hell is goin on? Is it possible that it just waits for the right moment?or my work failed? Your opinion please?


In my experience every curse that I’ve ever cast has come true when I really look at it. Even the curses I cast when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Those curses just took longer. Curses involving entities usually take longer as they wait for the right opportunity to really make their life a living hell. They poke, prod, and slowly turn their life around. It starts with something small. Car trouble for example. But it matures into bodily harm, jail time, death. Something big. Something undeniable.


Ive found manifestation time depends on the curse. I recently performed a ritual to cause someone to be rejected socially.
The next day they behaved inappropriately and didn’t consider any consequences, out of character for them. As a result they fell in the eyes of their peers and have been distinctly unhappy since.
Yet the month previous, I performed a ritual to cause someone injury and it was another 3 days before they spilt boiling water over themselves.
Have patience and consider whether or not your curse requires multiple rituals spread over a number of days.
If you share a picture of them I’m sure we could have a bit of a look at their aura for you.


Sometimes spells need to gestate before being released. If you had an entity handle this, it is more likely to activate when it will be most potent, as opposed to responding to your immediate desire.


Thank you very much for all your answers. As you confirmed I suspect that it just waits for the right moment…

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How long has it been?

yeah I think launching sigils takes a short time imo for physical injuries.

I’ve never had a Demon go to work on a bully but i’m open to doing that.

About 2 weeks. The energy field around this person is very very heavy…that’s the only thing I noticed. I also can’t interact with this person at all, just talking few words gives me a headache have to raise my shields up all the time when around this person. So…I don’t know what to say…

I found out what a hell happend…and I can’t believe it. I found out that my "old "enemy that I used to be in warfare with and I thought he left me alone, actually interfered with my work. He did what he used to do, redirected my work…I think he tried to redirect it back to me. Most likely he thought that I am doing it on him that’s why he redirected it but is a possibility he did it intentionally just to harm me.Of course the whole shit was just canceled…I am so pissed off, I am tired of this person not leaving me alone and keep interfering with my workings…

Try feeding him to Norath, I’ll edit this post with a link if you need it.

You should try getting some links of your target, the more personal the better, but at the minimum a birthday or psrents name

Reaver, May I PM you a picture of my target?

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The only time my cursing ‘failed’ with Lucifer is when I was not focussed enough and also once when the person I was hexing was not the one fully to blame. In that instance, I was shown and my eyes opened as to who was behind it by him.

It can take time also, I always see movement in 2 weeks if successful. It is funny how it is always the 2 week mark. I always layer up spells too if it is called for.

Just check over it was the right time, the right person, the right wording and intention with the right amount of focus and energy.

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