Black eye story

Some horrible little bastard I knew was making things difficult for me, basically I felt I was being bullied. I wrote out a sentence of desire for someone to give him a black eye. I launched the sigil. Lets call this guy X for sake of the story.

A few days later a mutual friend said hey have you heard what happened to X? I said no what? He said that X was now in hospital because he was playing football and an insect bit him. He has a big black mark on his leg. This is the UK where this sort of shit doesn’t happen.

I was quite pleased for myself : )

I did a post on a forum and a bunch of idiots criticised me and those who didn’t criticise me said it wasn’t a result.

Watch out when you share success with jealous arsed fools, they may try to bring you down. Dude, big black mark on leg, I’m claiming it.


Haha! Right on.

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Basically note how the sigil was launched at the asshole for someone to punch him and give him a black eye. There were no opportunities for this guy to meet someone who wanted to do that to him. Therefore there was no manipulation of anyone to go and hit him because the variables must’ve been pretty steep so the magic of the sigil couldn’t engineer human attack. However, the available insect provided a good second-best substitute or tool to attack him by and furthermore blacken/bruise his skin.

As I said, I have never heard of a species of mosquito (?) biting someone in this country and causing a big black mark, very rare!

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