My continued experiences with Belial

Well about 2 weeks ago I did a mediation invocation in which I reached out to King Belial for help with my spiritual journey. Over the past 2 weeks I’ve felt his presence pretty much everyday. Aside from the poltergeist activity I talked about in my last post, he came to a spiritual reading I had done and made his presence fully known to the reader. He manipulated the reading to show his energy was within me, which I found pretty cool. A few days ago he entered my dreams and threw some type of parasitic entity at me, which after I fought off he spoke to me telepathically. I don’t remember what he said unfortunately, but I do remember he spoke in a very stern harsh voice. He came to me a telepathically a second time in the dream and literally said “knock knock, I’m back”. Today I woke up and my vape pen has gone missing, I’ve searched my entire apartment and its literally no where to be found. I’m going to take this a hint that he wants me to quit, as I’ve read about his disdain for addiction in many other posts. Well see where the adventure continues from here, I’ll keep you guys updated.


Wow, I had a very similar experience in my dream last night and about two nights before that. I’ve been working with Belial for about 2.5 weeks, and his lessons have been difficult but so rewarding. I’ve also felt his presence everywhere, and I’ve found him very easy to talk to. Five days after invoking Belial, a friend passed away very suddenly. He has used this as a lesson to get me to pursue only the things that are healthy for me - including detaching from toxic relationships.

How did you invoke him, just through meditation?

This is nice. I just came to your post as I read the name ‘Belial’. He quite literally has become my all. I was surprised to read that he threw a parasitic entity at you in your dreams. Few days back, I think on 8th Nov. I had the same experience in my dream and I fought back with this horrible looking scary entity and I did feel Belial testing me and happy that I fought. It was a lucid dream but I remember I wasn’t able to wake up and come out of it. I did come out and my heart was racing. I though of Belial and here I am reading this. He clarified it to me through your post that it was nothing else but he testing me.

He has been testing me alot lately as well

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