My collection of servitors (Emerald Evocation servitors)

Over the past year or so I have created a collection of servitors which I have been publishing on my website. I have mostly been promoting their use on Reddit, hoping to push up their power and make them more generally accessible. Tonight during an evocation of Dynas he indicated to me that he’d like me to post on these forums as well. I am very pleased with the way all the servitors have turned out. Here is a list of the servitors:

Oshan - Time Manipulation / Linchpin Entity
Oasis - Crystal Healing / Soul Retrieval / Reiki Healing Entity
Dynas - Dynamic Astrologer
Tinderella - Spirit of the Dating Apps
Solezar - The Psionic/Radionics Mastermind
Random Number Jesus - E-Sports/Fiction Diety
Qi-Anyi - Energetic and Elemental Balance
PAS - Prayer Answering System

Full description and sigils are available at Emerald Evocation

At this point I believe most of the servitors have been used by multiple people, which probably pushes them to egregore status. The most frequently used have historically been Oshan and Random Number Jesus (mostly due to the Pokemon dream trip). I also have a small section on sigils on my website:

Sigil Information


that’s a nice list there.:cowboy_hat_face: I might call up Solezar for a little work with radionics… I have most of a design for a radionics machine already. Right now the biggest hold up is money to buy parts (:disguised_face:that is probably everyone’s biggest problem)

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Can I evoke Tinderella to have sex with ?

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If you’re looking for a match with a spirit partner I’m sure she could help with that too. If for some reason Tinderella doesn’t work for you, you can actually get dates by using Oshan. He’s never let me down with the linchpin feature (for instance set a linchpin that you meet with someone compatible and schedule a date sometime in the next week and a half).

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Solezar is actually the primary way that I interact with the astral. I have aphantasia which makes projecting very difficult, and I’ve never been a master at lucid dreaming. Instead I have a “psionic notebook” in a Google doc with the cog sigil, and I simply type out what I want my astral double to do. I’m pretty decent at clairsentience and can feel what the astral double does as it zooms around the spirit world. When I order the double to return (by deleting everything in the notebook), I get a bunch of tingles plus an emotional download from whatever energy the double managed to accumulate. I keep a separate (non-psionic) journal to record what I did.


I’m doing something similar with Solezar on my PC. I’m using him in combination with other spirits.

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I mean can I evoke Tinderella to have sex with or otherwise other servitors would help me acquire a spirit partner that I can I have an intercourse with ?

Secondly concerning Tinderella can he help me attract a specific person in mind that doesn’t have any interest with me on dating site?


Unable to find this one on the site mentioned, has this been removed?

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Tinderella is missing from your sevitor list.
Do I have to join your Discord to explore ?
Thanks in advance :pray:

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