🎄 My Christmas Weather Workings for Your Benefit (Now Closed)

Okay, so it seems North America is due to be hit by two separate, massive winter storms over the next 9 days or so.

One system is due to start up tomorrow and run through Sunday, with relief on Monday and Tuesday, before everyone gets whammed hard on the ass starting again next Wednesday, with some places expecting to see temps drop into the -50 windchills.

Across the board we are talking about 15- 30 degrees below average for any given area for the time of year without factoring in windchill.

I have been playing with weather magic in the area around me and where loved ones are working for some time now and so, this seems like an opportunity, as I know this is one of the longest electric billing cycles on average, we are days from the holidays, so even those who have planned well, may find they are well over budget for heating this year by the end of this month.

I’m not asking for help, Ive already reviewed the options for just about all the different directions the storms could be drug away from the areas they are predicted to affect, and those are not satisfactory resolutions.

Instead I am going to be focusing on dispersing the storms energy into smaller pockets of energy and repurposing for other more desirable things.

I don’t particularly want to get into my process at this time, I’m working on my experience with the subject and what I’ve learned from gods, spirits and of course my servitors.

What I do want, is to give everyone a chance to have some of this energy repurposed into manifesting one of their goals or desires.

I don’t particularly care what your goal or desire is, anything is fair game. I won’t be doing individual workings for this, there is too much energy to disperse in too little time for me to get into it on a personal level.

I will however be doing a several workings between now and the conclusion of this weather event, so I will include anyone’s petition/ request with smaller rituals/groups of goals aimed at sending the energy I am dispersing from the storm towards the goals.

For example, I’ll probably do a dispersal towards prosperity, one towards love, one towards asshats who should know their place… etc.

These are examples- I intend to leave this thread open through next Wednesday, assuming there is still a persistence in the weather and will group the requests as they come and how they make sense to me, based on which requests will require what types of energy.

You are welcome to update us if you receive results, the storm didn’t come your direction the way it was expected etc.

Last weeks storm, (locally) snowed everywhere it was supposed to, except for an energetic trail along which someone I love, travels daily for work. Somehow this area was completely missed, despite expecting 6 feet of snow and everywhere around them getting the six feet called for.

I’ve also had some success with moving rainstorms from one location where it wasn’t wanted, to my own.

These are examples of some of the stuff I’m working on, no I’m not intending to move this storm, merely disperse it from its point of origin, allow the sun to shine through what should be a cloudy sky, and the earth to warm or at least maintain its temperature.

Hope this makes sense, if it sounds crazy please just pass me by, I don’t feel like doing arguments on what’s possible and what isn’t and basically subject experiences that can’t be verified other than witnesses whom also noted, damned that’s weird.

So ready set go, drop me your request and I’ll include it with the appropriate energetic group.

Imop weather results are hard to measure, you can’t even know how many other individuals might be working on it- so the only way to see if this is successful, is if your results manifest as a result of what I am doing.

Please make sure your requests are forum legal, it doesn’t need to be worded for the best result, I can reword as necessary for the best result (like I do with tarot questions) :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas! :gift::christmas_tree:


If you could send some of that energy my way to blow through any obstacles to my prosperity, I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! :blush: I’ll post updates with the pictures I take too. :blush:


Okay so I completed the first ritual, to get ahead of the storm before temperatures drop and it moves in.

I am basically directing energy from the storms origin, towards the first goal. I felt moved to take action.

With this working, I am directing the energy towards freezing then breaking/shattering the chains and bindings of oppression and depression upon humanity.



That is very generous of you. I’m soon to undertake a major working against a collection of the worst asshats. Would I be able to get into the asshat section of this? Or if this would conflict with my anti-asshat workings I could pick something else? (no shortage of things that need doing)


I can’t see any reason offhand it would be a conflict! I’d be happy to use whatever feels like the best choice for you though. :blush:

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Thanks, so do I PM you the photos and names of the asshats in question? I already have all of them combined into a single image file with names underneath as part of my battle prep :slight_smile:

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If you want me to have them yes, if not I can probably follow your energetic trail to the right targets :eyes:

What I mean is that you know who you mean to target, so I can find it by following the energy quality of your chosen words in regards to them from you, where you feel those words in your energy system, to where the energy leads to them and where they are out there in the world… :eyes:

sighs if only I could word things. I know what I mean… :woman_shrugging::disappointed::rofl:

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Hay Lady @Keteriya, I’ll be thankful to you if you could send some energy on my way to shatter the blockages to my Prosperity.

Thank you.
Warm Blessings :coffee:

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Will do!

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Blessed be and Be WARM - more importantly.

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Thank you, and goodnight! I’m headed to sleep for a bit :sleeping:


Hello :wave: @Keteriya. if it is still possible, I would like to receive some energy to clear the blockages to my prosperity

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If possible id like some energy towards a request ive made recently involving getting my ex to return to me! If youre still offering it would be greatly appreciatef!!!

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Dear Keteriya, what a kind and wonderful thing you are doing for other people :slight_smile: best wishes (even though I’m early) May I please ask you to direct some of your energy towards getting my ex and I back together? (I’ll keep doing my part and the real life steps!)

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@Morgan @mth_yesco @Maceqsprayy I have you three added to my lists! :slight_smile:


@Keteriya: thank you so much!

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Thank you :pray: @Keteriya.

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Like DarkestLight says:

“If you could send some of that energy my way to blow through any obstacles to my prosperity, I would appreciate it.”

My version is:

If you could send some of that energy my way to blow through any obstacles to my getting money and meeting someone for a sexual relationship, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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How about something along the lines of:

blow through all the obstacles that stand in the way of my current desires?

That removes any chance of the energy moving towards goals that might be grounded in spiritual growth rather than physical manifestations and still firmly instills your intent into the words?

I’m drawing heavily on what the the requester intends, rather than superficiality of the words presented, if that makes sense.

Does @all work here:eyes:

I’m going to take a nap, then I’m thinking do this block buster, obstacle remover/reducer next.

I figure worst case scenario I have enough requests for similar things, to do a second ritual for the same goal, further into the development of the storm.

I’m going to keep the groups kinda small, to make sure that everyone gets the amount of energy needed for their particular situations so…

I might do twenty rituals over the next week, if that’s what it takes :blush::rofl:. I swear I love ritual when it’s for a purpose that speaks to me.

So yeah, unless the storm/extreme weather gets canceled keep the requests coming!

I do also have one in pm for increasing learning and study related abilities, so there will definitely be one for that, asshats, and love coming up after we smash and blow through our obstacles!