My Biggest Problem in Magick - Confession

I know this is the problem :joy:.

Anyway brother thanks, i’ll take into consideration on what you said.


I found it in a room…it looms over the room like a shadow but not a shadow…he feels ancient. .not like my demons he’s massive in a powerful way.

I feel overwhelmed blood is strong like massive …like it covers him.

Seeing him makes my heart race… he’s like massive … he has a purpose.

He’s angry. .he’s angry that you are here in this existence. . He didn’t want you here.

He grabs my arm and slams me into the wall …puts something like a hand but not a hand around my throat. …

He is showing me red eyes they feel like nothing I’ve experienced. …and I can’t breath

He says stay out of my way princess …
His voice is like a clicking it almost hurts to here him talk…

I feel panic but I can’t panic.

He says something in a language I don’t understand. …

I trace two sigils on his hand … the sun and Saturn … by the power of Ra …let me go …


He let me go… tho

I will get what I want …stay out of my way, princess …

I let this drop for now… I need my sword.

This is what I got , what happened. . I need time and my sword.


Bloody hell!


I’m pretty shakin up right now . But I think I know what to do.


Wait … Oh Fuck Arianna don’t do anything i’ve got this.


Once you get past your various apprehensions about this guy, what does your intuition tell you about this crooked man?

Does it tell you to open up to him? Does it tell you to get rid of him? Do you even know what he wants to do with you?


All i know is he wants me back.


I made friends with a similar entity I used to be scared of.This one showed up as a wolf with shiny eyes when I was a toddler and would tell me it was an owl.Then later on it showed up as man calling itself a “fearless number” up until my twenties.

Later on I befriended him and realised it was not happy to see me scared when it was just trying to protect me.

All of us kids and adults with gifts have such guardians who look scary.You need to invoke him and contact him again.He is one mask of You which can help you progress to the next level in Your God-hood.

Mine eventually possessed a good looking co worker of mine and I am happily married to him now.After I embraced him in my teenage he showed up as a pet black cat which I literally found dying as a kitten and then later as a good friend who literally disappeared.


“He’s angry. He’s angry that you are here in this existence. He didn’t want you here.”

I think you have to ask yourself what exactly this means.

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Invoke him and ask him nicely what is it that he wants.Sometimes a periodic blood sacrifice works for peace.

My aunt negotiated with a hostile entity in a similar way. Make a peace pact.

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What do you think about that?

In the most complimentary way of meaning it, you are pretty weird, the things you receive at your young age in human years are incredible.


I don’t know … I feel like it’s been with me in all my incarnations.


While I agree that it could be that @Lotuslouvena, I also believe it could just as easily be a malevolent being with negative intentions. I think C. Kendall’s intuition will tell him which it is, and very soon. The fact that he’s brought it up here and this group of powerful sorcerers are working to get to the root of it, including myself. All that is hidden shall be revealed.


I can’t he refuses, he isn’t someone to fuck with … But i can’t banish him, i feel like i need him around me.


Okay, that’s what I thought. It must’ve had some history with you.

Perhaps your ancestors may be able to help you, but I assume that you’ve done something with that already.

I have a suspicion that he didn’t want you to incarnate like you did, so that’s why he wanted to take you away when you were a child.

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I get a weird feeling off this, like I can’t really poke into it any more.

Stay safe, and if I can ever help i’ll try. :+1:


But he still wants me ? … I want him too … But i don’t know why.

Never been this confused fuck.


Thanks sister i understand.


He is a dark part of You, accepting him would be the equivalent of ozzy Osborne biting a bat in Little Nicky, but that’s how dark you are destined to be.

You are bigger than him and he knows it.You can eat him with ketchup, one bite at a time.

And as I am meditating with lord Belial just now it would seem that a part of this message is coming from a legend like him.

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If you want him to be with you, then I would likely believe that you were never able to shake him because there’s deeper parts of you that wanted him.

I feel like you should trust those parts of yourself because it may be a sign that your intuition is telling you that this is somehow deeply important to you in a way that your conscious can’t understand because of fear/stress.