My Baphomet Necklace got pulled off

Hi everyone, would love to get your opinion on this. My Baphomet pendant that I usually wear on a chain around my neck got pulled off/ snapped when I was going to bed last night. It was after I asked Satan for guidance and prayed to him as I usually do. But last night was different - it was a very challenging day for me, I was very depressed, thinking some really self destructive thoughts, I felt betrayed by the people I love, and I was asking Satan to be even closer to me, to feel his energy around me and soothing comfort. I had a strong need to feel his physical presence. So, yeah, I was a bit baffled by the snapped necklace, not sure how to interpret this. Have any of you had something similar happen?

I’m fond of enchanted pendants that help me hold a connection to an entity I’m working with, but for my workings with Samael, I can’t keep one.

First I made a ring, which broke within a day, then asked him, and every time I ask him, he doesn’t want me to rely on such a thing. He wants a closer connection that is not embodied by an idol of any kind, more direct… perhaps that’s something like the message you are getting.

Or, since Baphomet is only one of the many entities that can come through as Satan maybe he was saying ‘hey, you’re working with me, I don’t want this guy along for the ride’.

A third interpretation is that it wasn’t time to use him as a crutch - if you were trying to give your power away that would not go down well, and you have to learn to accept help not need it.

A fourth is that your work with Baphomet is simply done for now.

The fifth is, shit happens. But I feel like you wouldn’t post it here if your intuition wasn’t telling you it’s meaningful.


Thank you! This is a great reply and made me “get out of my head” and look at a bigger picture. Yes, a lot of the times, when I work with Satan or Belial, the pendant gets in the way; somehow it clouds my vision and prevents a closer connection with them. And that’s exactly what I was asking Satan a few hours before - I was asking for a closer connection and feel his physical presence.
Truth be told, Baphomet has always represented to me… Me. In what way? It is a symbol of self sufficiency to me - it means that I am all, I am everything Myself; all I need is within me and has always been there all along and always will be. So looking at the pendant snapping, in light of all the above, it means As Within So Without. All that I need already resides within me. And Satan wants me to realize that. I am self sufficient, I don’t need symbols and toys to feel protected. All I need is right here. The Draconian Flame has always been in the palms of My hands. Don’t give your power away. You are that power.

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It might not mean anything , get a new necklace .

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