My arguement/fight with Belial

If you read my posts on my experience with 7 hells then you know I figured out Belial was the 7 gatekeeper.

I was angry with him. I’ll make no secret about it …I was pissed. I blamed Belial for something that couldn’t have been his fault because Azazel, knew how it was gonna play out. And knew Belial would catch me when I tried to follow Azazel.

He also knew Belial would make sure I took the boat back up.

But I drug Belial up with me and I left that part out. I was hurting and angry. And Belial was there to blame.

But I’m going to share this now because I think says alot about who Belial is.

I blamed Belial and I was yelling and screaming at him and lashing out at him. I accused him of not looking out for Azazel, and that he should have watcheddar over him. Which is in no way Belials responsibility. … but I was upset.

Belial could have done several things. But he didn’t. He grabbed me wrapped his arms around me and said, if you have to blame someone then go ahead blame me. If it has to be someone’s fault then it can be my mine. I’ll take the blame. …

I fought away from him and agrued more … because I was being a total bitch I needed to fight it out.

I told Belial to hit me… just hit me… I know you want to so do it.
But he refused. …I will never hit you …
But I was egging him on… come Belial without a master. .Hit me.

I may not have a master but I have a queen and I won’t hit her …no matter how hard headed and temperamental she is…

We continue to have an argument that honestly didn’t even make sense …

And finally I couldn’t even be mad any more…
And said Azazel was suppose to teach me how to use the sword.
And Belial said, do you not think I could teach you how to use a sword?

I know he’s right …but

He also said that I know Azazels enn by heart… I even have special enns for Azazel but I couldnt even remember his enn. :confused: (and now I feel bad)

Somehow in our scrapes … he manage to put his hand around my throat and said I wont hit you but you will remember my hand around your throat when…eh hem … Anyway :blush::wink:

Belial was a perfect gentleman and I really don’t deserve his help and support but he is here for me right now while I’m dealing with an emotional roller coaster … so I am grateful. .even if I am sometimes a hArd headed tempermental bitch :joy::heart::sparkling_heart:


And that’s why I respect belial he is so mature calm and calculated, Thx for sharing, Sometimes no need to be so spoiled and immature just talk and discuss how you feel passive aggressive attention is worse as it doesn’t serve you or your porpoise, You could have got his attention in other mature and calm way, But quiet interesting topic looking forward for more updates and topics about him.


Huh, this kinda conflicts with my UPG… or maybe agrees with it idk before he flipped out on me infront of the other kings and accused me of stuff I was even told he was hanging around me and if it wasn’t for Lucifuge he’d have done me in lol


I wasn’t trying to get his attention you should read my other posts … 7 gates and 7 hells and I walked through the seven hells.

Belial was the 7th gatekeeper in the seventh hell.
And everyone knows I’m the hot headed one. Belial knew I was hurting because of having to sacrifice Azazel whom I have a very intimate relationship with. Belial knew I was hurting and he was there for me …bottom line


Ahhh ok then it’s understandable now thanks for clarifying I hope you released all your feelings about this incident.


Really Rise??

Haha …but you aren’t the Queen :joy:

No seriously Idk why he would do that …Did you piss him off? :joy:

Or maybe it was some sort of test …


Eh probably you know that’s what I’m good at.

I remember him and all the other kings there it was something about a pact I “broke” granted I probably did Lel

But I’m not going to forget Vine we were talking about me breaking it and I just hear him “BREAKING? Did I hear BREAKING?”

Lol I lost my shit at a very critical moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:joy::joy: see you get yourself in trouble :rofl:


What pact did you break?

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It was more of a misunderstanding I guess my offer to spread lucifarianism was accepted without really any return for me.

I have got a few people into it even tho they lean more towards being… I’m going to say aggressive wicca

This was my interpretation of what happened probably didn’t help that I talked Shit to him after :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also we came to the conclusion that basically I had to have a hard “Reset” I had to build back up any spirit relationship I had basically they forgot about me

Idk why he thought he was exempt from it


Your gonna get your ass kicked :joy::joy:

But this doesn’t surprise me. Just be careful and do your best. Want me to talk him for you?


Eh if you like honestly I don’t even know if all that happened or not was during a void meditation

Also I already have I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the reason my leg broke

Still don’t know who did that entirely all I know is it happened after I was going to stop magic

But hey you know me stubborn as hell

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I’ll talk to him. When we aren’t sword fighting :joy::joy:

I’ll see what he says


I appreciate it

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I love u mentioned both King Belial and Azazel together. I had an experience with both of them last night/early this morning. I will tag u on the post for ur comments/thoughts/advice.

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So I have a question for anyone who’s actually summoned him what’s his actual title? Cause I’ve heard him called the lordless lord lord of lies king of hell the list goes on! Which one is it?

All of the above?

I usually just call him king.


My dad calls him the lord of demons(he used to be catholic btw) so I have so many names idk which one it is