My arguement/fight with Belial

I don’t think Belial really cares about titles, but that is just my impression. He might have one he prefers, but I’ve never asked him about it.

You could just ask him :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m working on finding a simple sigil I can use to summon him

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What do you mean by a “simple sigil?”

What’s wrong with the classic one?

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I cant really draw and my skills are not good enough yet to draw that one myself

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Just trace it. You don’t have to draw it free hand.

I used to call him Belial like always till he said call him King Belial.


Ok I will try that

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Interesting after all there are so many titles for him it’s hard not wonder what his real title is.

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If you still want one a bit simpler, I have a special Gatekeeper sigil that I received from a former member here, before he got banned, that I can pass on in PM. I’ve never used it, only the traditional one, but it is simpler to draw.

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Sweet can you send it to me via pm?

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Awsome thanks just send it to me when ever you can

You can also print it out, that would work :slight_smile:

I’ll keep that in mind


Longtime! Hope all is well. About the sigil u mention here, do u still have it? Have u used it yet?

Sure. I think the guy I got them from actually got them from EA.

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