My Apprenticeship with Mentor C. Kendall

I met C. Kendall at a very crazy time in my life. I had just mastered my faerie path and had embarked upon my new path of demolitary.

Before the pandemic, I had a thriving business and a 7 year marriage that both fall apart abruptly, leaving me near homelessness and insanity. I was truly traumatized by my exs actions which I won’t discuss here.

At this point, I had been working with sigils for at least several years when I stumbled across C. Kendall live on my TikTok feed.

He had a very strong and positive energy, and his aura was this ultra violent that faded to black (the void) outlined in this electric blue. There was a definitly a presence about him.

He was talking about sigils, so immediately I was intrigued as in my prior business (before it went under) I worked heavily with sigil’s and still did at the time I discovered his page.

Since I was indeed at rock bottom, and I didn’t have anyone or anything to turn to during this insane transition in my life. (And having previously checked my personal state while going through my awakening, I was all well and good but the therapists often were just fascinated with my spirituality and asked often even asked if I’d read there tarot. Lol.) So they didn’t help me in any other capacity then to assure me I was sane, so I was left struggling with my trauma alone, and that created massive blocks in my practice.

I decided to reach out to C. Kendall because I read energy very well and I knew he was somebody I could learn a lot from. Having been in a downward spiral for 1 year previously, I decided to get a consolation to apply for his mentorship and be his apprentice, exclusively practicing what he taught me as to not derail my new path and to reach my maximum potential.

I have been his apprentice now for 6 months and and I must say, he has changed my life in insane ways that I cannot even begin to list or describe well or, in a easy way.

C. Kendall has been there for me through my roughest times duing Shadow work, he guides me by being extremely candid with me on everything regarding my path. He is extremely knowledgeable for his age, and I dare say very wise. He definitely has more patience than a lot of other practitioners I know.

I had gone through insanely traumatic and troublesome events before the pandemic hit, and yet…I have been protected. I have been able to manifest so many things that are allowing me to get back to where I need to be after the trauma I endured in my past toxic relationship and the intense struggle during the pandemic. I must am in the states, west coast.

C Kendall has introduced me to radionics which I am now absolutely in love with. He has also introduced me to the Becoming a Living God Path, aa well as more in depth sigil work and shadow work. He has also guided me in rituals working with demonic entities, meditation tequinues & energy work. He really pushes you in the best way in order for you to awakening to ones full potential.

It’s like before I met C. Kendall and became his apprentice, I was only using 50% of my power. Now I feel like I’m using over 1000% and it’s just growing by the day. Even today something amazing happened when I performed his wealth rite (which you could find on this forum) iand the results were immediate you can find said ritual here:

But this this isn’t the 1st time something amazing has happened due to C. Kendalls guidance. I’ve experienced things I can’t even put into words. I’ve been able to do distance energy work where we both see and feel the same things and that can’t be explained in any other way then energy work and truly altering reality in a way.

He has directed me to o places where I found knowledge of the all, the divine, the matrix that we live in, and how it can be manipulated in your favor if you know how.

Thanks to him I realize that I can control my own destiny, I can manipulate the laws of the universe to my will, and am indeed becoming the goddess I already was but didn’t know it.

C. Kendall is helping me reach my full potential & ascension so that I may build my own Empire and also help my dear friend and mentor by sharing this life altering past 6 months.

C. Kendall has given me more than a lot of the people in my life ever have, and all for the betterment if my seld, and my own Empire. I look forward to growing even further as I am indded still his apprentice and we’re about to start more classes so I will keep you all updated.

Hail the infernal Empire and hail thy self.


You’ve come a far way and you’ll go much further sister, it’s great to see what you’ve become and how much you’ve accomplished in such a short time frame.


Excellent to see this student/mentor relationship. Great work both of you. :+1:


I will definitely keep posting updates :black_heart:


I just preformed a intense ritual with C. Kendall a few days ago, and am actually already seeing results. We incorporated radionics, sigils and evocations. Besides a few objects flying across our respective temples, everything went swimmingly.:laughing:

Also sharing the short video review I made randomly last night for my mentor. I will keep you up to date with the ritual results, ofc.

Infernal Obelisk Video Review

I’m currently working through C. Kendall’s very in depth Qilphotic guides, focusing on my very enriching experience working therein. Next up, I hope to focus heavily on conjures and learning even more techniques from his in order to propell myself further towards full ascent🖤

Hail the Infernal Empire and hail thy self :raised_hands:


That’s so awesome. Frankly I’m so jealous.

I’m glad your making the most of though. It’s very special to be formally instructed.

You will remember this time in your life for the rest of your life.

Have the time of your life.