I am a music student in a university. I have challenge playing the piano well. Is there any spirit I can evoke to give me powers to play extremely well?. I also have challenge understanding music in theory.


There is no spirit that can make you suddenly a maestro on the piano. At most, it could stimulate the talent you already possess. You would still have to practice, practice, practice.

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IMO aside from, obviously, practise, you need a Muse to smile upon you so the music can come from within and the theory fall into place: [url=][/url]

Without the Muses (who are universal, not just from Greece) everything you do will lack inspiration and just be hollow “going through the motions” - you could also call on the goddess Hathor to bless your music, she’s intmiately involved with music, art, and dance.

There’s no “open a sigil and BAM you’re Mozart Mk. 2” for these - they involve building relationships of trust and affection and mutual service to the art.

To excel at something, we must to some extent be willing to serve it, insofar as we become a perfected channel for its expression, moving aside the other distractions of life, and in so doing make an altar for the art in our own souls.

Agreed, a muse is perfect.

I’ve had success with land spirits acting as muses, delivering these beautiful pieces of poetry. I really should these down…

I have 5 years experience in music but it has not made me who I want to be. I think it needs spiritual hands.

Meditating is huge for this. I start out with technical drills slowly while focusing on correcting my posture, centering my breathing. I like the Hannon drills where I can gradually add speed and build strength, but any will do. Its a gradual merging with the instrument. Lol. I loved my piano, she was my best friend. Then, watching the emotions that are evoked and releasing the tension behind them from your fingertips into the keys. It all comes back to breathing and focusing the mind and emotions. When, relaxation happens, it becomes possible to play, sight read, improvise…

Chakra clearing meditation will help the music flow through you, as well. I never let my students just start playing a piece without centering and merging gently. Lol. Like painting, every ritual act reinforces your self-hypnosis around the subject; setting up the easel, lining up the brushes, filling the solvent vessel, and breathing deeply to perceive the painting that is already there. Same with music. Permit no distractions or mundane concerns from your love, devotion, your attention to detail. Align the bench. Breathe deep. Touch the keys. Wrists up, fingers gently curved. Straighten the back, shoulders down. Adjust lamp or pages. Every time. This creates a track to enter directly into trance.

What kinds of moods (elements) are invoked by this piece? I love listening to the Pier Gynt suite for the raw power displayed by water/wind and whatnot.

Learn about the piece and composer, too. What were they going through in life that caused the creation of your selection. Its the same principle of preparatory immersion used by E.A. You’ll play well when you realize the music IS a part of you, and your playing demontrates your connection to the universal current; universe means One Song, after all.

Also, invite friendly entities to be near you when you play. Pray. Let them know you desire to bless the space and they are welcome. Besides, a lot of introspection, write down your specific struggles. Is it technique? Is it tension? Is it disconnection and sterility? Is it across the board? Only certain genres? Do you like what you are playing? Why are do you play; obligation to class, other’s expectations, desire for acclaim, desire for mastery, etc.

Research demons who can assist with clarifying your desire and making it happen. Elementals also love certain pieces. Oh, how I miss this. Going to go find a guitar, now.

Glad to see this topic amorifier…I was a pianist for 12 years and i just love love love music…We all have a body of sound,and when music plays on,we get every sort of reaction…I’m not sure if it’s the astral body,but it’s very close to it…

Try the greek God Appolon…Just be careful because i’ve read that it’s a heated-solar entity

Just to throw something else here…
When a musician composes a song,is it a pure creation out of nothing or the musician is expressing something that’s allready there and he just made contact with it??

I saw this in one of Dr Rampa books about direct channeling from the overself…We didn’t create the telephone or the elevator.We just capture the idea of it and this idea has existed allready in the astral worlds,before someone was able to channel it…

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I agree with that, it feels like almost every creative thing I’ve ever done has come through me, not from me, and all ideas that have been truly useful just arrived almost fully fledged. Whether this comes from my godself or some other source, it feels miraculous, and not like the more mechanicl process of building a wall or painting a door.

The purpose of practising IMO is to create a better tool for the inspiration to express through.

Well said, specifically the last sentence. I’ve often felt like my best creative stuff almost felt like something I’m “channeling” from something greater than and outside of yet somehow connected to my human self. Whether that’s true or just a result of finding it difficult to believe that we have such a potential depth of creative talent or genius within ourselves I don’t know. But I have said on more than one occasion that sometimes when I’m on fire creatively I feel more like a tool or channel that something else is working through and in the process I have many times asked myself “where is this coming from” as if the information or inspiration is coming from outside myself because sometimes it is hard to believe my own mind alone is capable of such creativity.
I think you nailed something with making oneself a good tool. The better the tool the better the creative output will be whether externally or internally inspired. And if indeed we are being used by outside forces then the better a tool you make of yourself through practice, perhaps the more attractive or desirable a vehicle or tool you will be to those external forces, which then results in a mutually beneficial exchange.

I played the violin earlier in my life!Not professionally,of course,but I still do love that instrument.

I once had the brilliant idea of using music,for the purpose of psychic vampirism.

Music tends to evoke various emotions within people,I had the nice thought that it would be a good way for the musician to feed.Has anyone ever tried anything of the likes?

Combining all the attention you’re getting,and the emotions concocted by the hallow tune,and simply siphoning the life out of the crowd.

I remember once talking to a spirit on this(can’t remember which one ATM)
who told me I should at some point try to do this with Guillaume de Machault’s ‘‘Douce Dame Jolie’’.

IMO,it’s one of the loveliest tunes in the whole of Ars Nova,but it’s hard for a violinist so I gave up before I could learn it.I hope that this one works out.I presume it works with any song,but that one evokes a lot of emotions,doesn’t it?

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AS someone that produces music. I actually have an ep thats on beatport itunes and amazon. Just google my name. But I’ve always heard music in my head since I can remember. But my inspiration has gone through the roof ever since I got scratched and after I started working with Baron Samedi. Im not a virtuoso player at all. You really dont have to you can play the pieces as slow as you want to a slow tempo then speed it up in your sequencer. You even edit the notes. The point I’m trying to make is that they say that it takes 10,000 hours to become a genius at something. And it takes 2 hours to become functional at something. When I make my music i let the spirits I work with talk to me and guide me. They do all the work. I jsut do what they tell me. I always worked like even befor I got into spirituality and evocation. The spirits work through you. but you have to have some skill to be coordinated enough to play what they are showing you.

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Robert Plant has said the lyrics for “Stairway to Heaven” were the result of automatic writing. Just thought I’d throw that out there…

Hail to the power of sound…
Jaysalomone,nice to see ‘‘moby’s thousand’’ samples in your track…Cool.
ALso check this out…

I play best when I’m feeling confident about my playing (I play guitar, not piano, but it’s the same for all instruments).

Try this: go back to basics- find a really simple piece, something that you know is wayyy easier than what you usually play, and practice it very SLOWLY. Chances are you will play it perfectly (since it is a beginner piece and you are playing at a very slow tempo). After successfully playing through the piece you will feel a sense of achievement, which will boost your confidence, and also, attract more of the same to you (like attracts like- so success will attract further success). Do this any time you feel frustrated with your progress.

Pssst…! Check on Amdusias!

I know skilfull musicians who can’t compose on their own,and others with no skill at all but with great imagination and inspiration…The technical side of that art is the outcome of practicing everyday…The inspirational side will come if you love music…It comes to you on it’s own…

Let’s have a group…Me and jaysalamone on keyboards and synths,333 on guitars,Lady Eva on vocals and everyone else who can play an instrument is free to join the band…LOL

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Here is an update on my personal experience with demons and music!

The Keyboard Grimoire might be a book you will want to add to your library if you don’t already have it.

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