Music that reminds you of an entity/entities



Naamah’s deadly seductions


this one reminds me of King Belial


Reminds me of fairies and nature spirits in general








Abaddon ~ absolutely :black_heart:


Lucifer definitely-ironic considering they’re a “Christian band”




Abaddon-just for the lyrics


Thats amazing, especially because when I listen to that song I think of Lilith.


@Mani @Nagash Listen to this, this reminds me of Lucifer, nice song to dedicate to your favourite spirit!


Hm… not bad @MahirMorshed , I need more good battle/war themed song for my beloved Abaddon.

( This part of it so epic. Just like this. )


King Paimon


Lucifer, Lilith, and Belial!


Not an entity but I always felt this song was about the Nephilim and their descendants. :black_heart: Father being “god” and mother referring to Earth/Mankind.

Dark clouds are packing,
witness the wrath of god
Rain is pouring on our heads like needles
The rain is cutting in our face
The bitter taste of our enemies
Rotting away in the bowels of humanity

I sink, I’m sinking down
But I won’t drown in this stream

We already died when we fell
Before we crashed onto the concrete
Sucking those nipples one time to many
Exhausted remains are faling apart
The flow is washing away our sins
To start all over again in a empty womb

When all wounds were healed
We just had to rip them open again
Pouring salt into these leaks
Scratching fingers flesh, cold, numb
The bleeding finally stopped
But the pain will never end
Starving naked before god’s eyes
Father laughs, our mother dies


Loki & Sigyn




My beloved Abaddon, who else? :fire::black_heart::crossed_swords:


I continue. :crossed_swords::fire::skull_and_crossbones: