Music that reminds you of an entity/entities



Greetings, let’s get a fun thread going. Do you ever sometimes get that vibe or that while listening to a specific music you remember intensely about an entity or had their names popping up in your head? Example, while listening to Eminem’s Venom somehow King Belial’s name always comes to my mind or The Killers - The Man reminds me of Lucifer. I’m not saying that music describes them because it would be disrespectful if using wrong lyrics or words to describe them or relate to them but what I’m saying is that a music always gives an entities vibe. Somehow King Belial thinking of him as a God of Anarchy or Freedom gives this song his vibes. I love King Belial so much along with King Paimon and Prince Lucifer and hopefully, I’ll be working with them someday soon!

Share your music that describes entities.


Yeah. When listening to your gona go far kid by the offspring i often think of Belzebub.


Take me to church - Belial

Lana Del Rey songs - Astaroth

Mostly because its what i use when contacting them.