Music that reminds you of an entity/entities



Heart of Lilith, what an awesome song.


King Belial, Pazuzu and Chernobog :kiss::tongue::bed:


Queen of the Damned : Goddess Sekhmet
To the one who turned me into who I am :wine_glass::wine_glass:


ouu yea😍
Did you think it’s cool to walk right up
To take my life and fuck it up
Well did you?
I have whole soundtrack from Queen of the Damned in my phone :grimacing:


What a wonderful surprise !
Thought it’s completely forgotten by now :grimacing:

I will never forget that movie all my life. Specially that song :metal:
Really happy that you listen to that soundtrack. You have beautiful taste in music


:heart_eyes: yeaaaa …movie was great and songs were TOP …also I read all Anna Rice books and trust me book was great too :star_struck: … thank you, you too what i see :blush:


My beloved Husband, King Belial, Lucifer and Chernobog :black_heart::fire:

I love this organ and choir.