Mundane (Non magick) Money Discussion

I follow this as a hobby but have stopped recently as it’ just too much work but it’s good info nonetheless.


Warren Buffett quote : Buy a business, don’t rent stocks.


You can make alotta money in stocks though if you know what your doing. The key word being know and most people don’t know how or try to understand. These people do know what thee doing but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up what there saying with your own research.

The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions. They’re always learning. They’re always growing. They’re always pushing.

Robert Kiyosaki Quote

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How many billionaires has he coached?

Dan has a testimonial from Victor Brick and his wife on his website. That’s all im saying. I’d much rather set the price on a stock and have equity in an investment group rather than buy a part of someone elses business. That’s just me though. DO whatever yall want.

I have no clue but I think Dan Pena’s a jerk. Most people don’t want to live to work or live life like it’s a eternal competition. These guys do give advice on stocks though and I’ll personally attest to that though. A couple of there picks in 2020 made me $1500 from $200 I put in previously. How much money do you need to be happy? Do you need to be the owner of the next multinational multimillion dollar conglomerate to have a fulfilling life? One of these guy is millionaire from stocks and he seems pretty happy to me.


Oh wow, Thank you so much, truly grateful and truly appreciate the time and effort you must have put into this.

Have Damon Brands books that you mentioned.
As soon as possible I will get to know more about QLA and will start working with angel Chahuiah.
And lastly thanks a lot for your advice and for reminding about as you said “don’t do anything illegal”.
Thanks again.:blush:

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Idrc about being happy, I care about meaning.

I’d rather sacrafice my time and energy so that my bloodline doesn’t have to work.

Also a million dollars is nothing in my state, you can blow that on one house here.

But yeah for me 100 million is the minimum.


Thank you so much, will definitely check out all videos

Yeah I would spend a year just listening to as many lectures as you can on QLA from the QLA library. Then if you want a course to walk you through it get Jason Roger’s course on it. I have it and it’s totally worth the $1000 he teaches you how to buy a million dollar business and all the steps.

He disagrees with Dan Pena with certain stuff and he’s not an asshole to you. Dan isn’t an asshole in his older lectures (the ones on his website in his library). Jason is a good practical and updated view from somebody in the field. Jason went to the castle (Dan’s home and learned from him, Dan shouts him out in a few videos)

Whereas Dan Pena is a good big picture and thinking big type.

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Totally get what you are saying, but about spending $1000 on a course, idk, why not just ask an Archangel for guidance or even Angel, or even a Demon as “I think” that they all will be a lot more better in everyway possible than any human. And by this I don’t mean to say that buying any course is not good as I have no experience about this and only you know what you are talking about. But I do know that what you are saying is correct as what you did was an calling for you and everyone should always do what they believe the most in. Respect and gratitude.

Stocks and Crypto can help you do that. If back in 2015 I had invested in bitcoin and held onto those coins to now they would be worth 5 1/2 million dollars now. With that money you could start your business without taking out a loan or paying anyone back with interest. In fact someone did do that at the time who’s all over the internet and you may have seen at least one of his video’s. He’s now worth anywhere from 25 to 50 million dollars just from his business which he could reinvest back into stocks or crypto to grow it again back at a later time.

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I don’t either but he wanted to be professional YT. That was his dream but getting all the right stuff to do it properly is expensive. His investments allowed him to fund his own dreams just like they do yours. That’s why I used him as a example.

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Don’t overestimate human knowledge and experience, angels and demons can help but if there’s a human expert who’s done it be wise

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Boom dude. Everyone thinks it’s so fucking hard, but really they just lack courage and the willingness to change and to eat shit and fail until they succeed. But with magick, your failures will actually be successes. Wrap your head around that one.

My business career thus far has basically been fail, fail, fail, fail, success. Guess what? One success was all I needed. I don’t live in ultra lavish luxury yet, and many people with pretty normal jobs I could work make more than I do, but I do what I want and don’t have to worry about paying for essentials while having some spending money and still growing my business, all because of magick and because I took action instead of wallowing in spite for the wealthy or despair. 80% is mindset, 20% is action, 100% is magick.


The moan advantage to mergers and acquisitions is you are not building revenue.

Note: 90% of start up fail within the first 10 years.

With QLA you are buying an existing business with cashflow and revenue. Usually you by it for 3-5x EBITDA and it should be worth at least 1,000,000 with 25-30% gross profit margins. I’d you enter an industry where SBA loans are allowed (which I recommend) you can get a loan EVERYTIME there is a CHANGE OF TITLES, this means you can have the 1,000,000 price be covered for about 80% so really it’s worth 200,000 for you. So all you have to find raise is 200k. Private equity, Public fundraiser, or if you’re a bad motherfucker you can do SELLER’S Finance and get note from the owner that says the business will pay to buy itself for you. There’s tax benefits to this and if the owner wants to get rid of the business he’ll gladly do it.

So you buy an existing business worth 1,000,000 with zero of your own money but you have a proven asset that is profitable. Yes, you can still run it into the ground, but if you have 25-30% gross profit margins and you over finance through a SBA loan or seller’s finance. You really gotta be an idiot to fumble that.

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this tbh, sure i wouldnt mind getting rich, and if the opportunity comes i’ll take it, but i’m not willing to sacrifice what i actually care about and use money as a means to provide for, because then there would be no point to having the money in the end

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Yeah a lot of people say that want wealth but I have no Idea how much work it takes. The only reason I am even on this site it to attract new followers and have a cohesive guide to wealth, health and business. So then I can send people here if they ask me questions. LMAO

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I think this is a good idea to keep in mind, but also to realize that this includes all the dipshits who don’t really think it through. The number also decreases with founder age, although that clearly didn’t stop many people from both success or failure.

If you make a good business plan, like actually write one out, that covers all the different things, go to market strategy, competition, marketing, employees, financial projections, the core value proposition, product/service details, you’re way ahead of the game.

If you need me to tell you that, then all the EBITDA stuff is probably a bit too advanced for that person at the moment who may just be interested in creating a business to give them income and freedom, which is absolutely doable.

Yeah but with QLA or mergers and acquisitions you are working from an already successful blueprint and just improving it. You can ask the owner how he runs the business, what’s most important and what he’d improve and he will tell usually. Usually you just need to automate and outsource the clients to the internet (old boomers who have the majority of the wealth don’t know how to do this). But yeah just the fact OP is thinking about running a business is the right way of thinking.

Sounds like you do things pretty differently than how I do it. I like real estate cause it’s pretty straightforward, all things considered, and financing tends to flow pretty nicely once you demonstrate you’re not a dipshit.

I, personally, am big on the 4 Hour Work Life philosophy of outsourcing and delegating and eliminating time wasting crap as much as possible as well. You can really tell the difference when you talk to someone who has the small, non-scalable fear mindset, and someone who understands what it means to build an organization with distributed decision making that works because the people have been trained and educated effectively and their incentives are effective at encouraging good behaviors for the organization. I hear, “no that’s impossible you have to do all this crap yourself” from people quite often, when in reality what they are saying is that they don’t know how to scale a business with regards to organizational behavior or financing. Some people are scared shitless of debt financing and clearly believe they know everything and are super experts because cognitive dissonance kicks in after they work themselves to the bone when they could have trained and delegated and made more money for less work instead, and really it’s just amusing when they try and “give you advice.”

This is all one reason why I like 7 Occult Money Rituals when it comes to money magick so much. It covers the mindset aspect really well, and as someone who does this sort of thing a lot, it is frustrating to see people blocking themselves because of ineffective mindset problems.

Best of luck my dude.

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