Mugwort Negative Effects

I have a older friend who is really into TCM. He says that internal use of mugwort is potentially lethal and highly recommends that I cease using it. I know of its use as an abortive agent and was wondering if it poses a threat to me( a fully grown yet underweight person) How long have you all been using it for magick and have you noticed any negative effects since you obviously aren’t dead reading this?

You might like to ask him where he got that from? Hearsay is not a good source. I believe your friend is mistaken.

It’s nowhere near that toxic to humans, though it might be to dogs (wormwood is). It doesn’t really contain enough active ingredient to get you slightly high, even. It’s a relative of Wormwood, which is used to make Absinthe. It’s been used in Europe as a flavoring for beer, like hops is.

I buy mugwort (and wormwood) by the pound and use it in my own tea blends, as incense and to make tinctures, and it’s an ingredient in witches flying ointment, which I buy regularly. I like it as much as white sage for smudging, though I like wormwood more.

It mostly just smells/tastes nice, and the spiritual effects on the energy in my temple and home are beneficial. Which is the whole point for me. I’ve never had an issue. I get sick on a bag of potato chips because of the lectins, cooked in seed oils that are proven cancerous, mugwort is the least of your worries.

Did you even try googling “is mugwort toxic”?

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@Maulbeere I did but I at least respect his opinion enough to double check with BALG. He has used moxibustion for decades but only performs it outside as he is worried about even inhaling the small amount of smoke from it. I have only used it for a few months (tea) but I was interested in first hand experiences from long term use. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.