Moving into a new apartment

hey guys. so i’m moving into a new place soon and i’m a little concerned about the energies that’ll still be around in the apartment. so i’d just like to know what kind of banishing can i do to clear out those energies? i was thinking about the LBRP but i’m not sure if it’ll be enough. if you can recommend any other energy clearing and protect rituals please feel free to drop it in this thread.

thank you.


Personally, I like a basic salt water cleansing, and nailing up a good old fashioned iron horseshoe over the lintel. Enchant the horseshoe for good luck.


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This works very well. I use it whenever the energy feels icky. Plus it is very simple so you don’t need to practice. The LRBP is good for clearing energy and your expanding your aura.


I’m doing the regular banishing and then cleansing the room with sage or incense.
Last, I’m adding something on the windows and the doors for protection. I’ll use something like ie. anointed oil on the frames or just draw with my hand something that is protective in it’s nature, which I imagine as seal. And I have always something hanging behind my frontdoor.


Make altars for Archangels and that will make the atmosphere very positive and nice

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haha i usually make holly water with blessed salt similar to what @Mulberry mentioned. I use a slightly variation of the Catholic prayers to make holy water (so it’s not so antagonistic to every spirit in creation).
I usually smudge too… but i’m usually smudging. If not the usual sage/palo santo/sandalwood a make a mix of rose mary, bay leaf, Petiveria (this one has a strong smell, be careful)… maybe some Basil (all previously dried and slightly crushed of course.

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‘Magickal protection’ by Damon brand there’s a ritual for house protection.


When ever I first move into a new home I start with a good cleaning. Even though the apartment is clean it isn’t always “clean”. Before I began I normally have my altar or a space to set up a altar like spot. I would light my candles and do a banishment (LBRP). Trust me it helps but remember to do this BEFORE.
I then go back to my altar and make a declaration of my intent and then call on who I feel would or could help me. When I feel I had a good connection going I would start.

First I always love doing this with music that helps me feel what I am doing, get you into that state and energize you. You can start some music before hand if you feel you would like to.

I would start cleaning by open all the windows (if you have a back door or a front door that leads outside I would open that too) I would then begin to clean everything, when I say everything I mean it. Doors, counters, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom ect. I would sweep the floors and clean the mirrors. It seems a lot but when you first move into a space you have zero clue what was there before you or even before the last people at that.
Only then (if I have hard floors) I would do a floor wash. For carpet I would use the same herbs and sprinkle it around then vacuum. (So you would want to have this ready before you start, I also love adding in oils or flowers to help make the room smell good) As I am cleaning I am picturing the area not just getting rid of the old yuck stuff and making it shinny and clean like a new car :joy: but adding in a layer of protection as well.

As soon as I am done with that I would take my stones that I like using to help with my wards and place them in each corner of the rooms. I would then light sage or Palo Sinto and start to smoke out the place (I would disarm your smoke detectors if you can) if not I would place the stuff in the center of the room if it’s big or in the far corner of the room if it’s small with fans going. I would use this time to use my blessing water as well to help cleans and use it for the next part too.

As soon as I’m done with this I would construct my wards up and place any sigil or glyphs you like using around the room. I would visualize what you normally use as wards or protection. I would then light some dragons blood and frakensence to help with the energy in the area.
When I have done this I would go and take a ritual back or shower (if you like that better or you don’t have a tub). Once done I would go to my altar and thank those that have helped me and make a offering to them and close the ritual.

From here I would place the lucky charms around the house as you see fit and what I especially love doing especially in the warmer months, is bring in some fresh flowers and put them in a vase. I also love getting plants that help with the energy too. There is plants that can actually help with negative energy and all living plants bring in positivity and energy into your space. Each one is different in its own element and unique nature. If you have pets, be sure not to get any that can harm them. :x I also enjoy putting stones around my place and in my plants pots. :joy: This definitely helps with negativity and if you like, a small indoor fountain also helps. You can get one for cheep but be carful of which one, some are better then others. Water it self is a good cleanser and energy booster.

I hope this helps!

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thank you so much @Zoclora for your sharing this. your knowledge and experience are appreciated.
: )