Movies/Tv series which present The occult in a positive way

Any recommendations?
All I see is evil witch/magician did this or that and good person saved the world crap lol


Charmed did to some extent, although VERY white light, and demons were mostly really horrible, and in Buffy, Willow’s witchcraft was helpful, but also dangerous when she want “dark.”


Lucifer. A tad bit heretical if you are Luciferian, but nevertheless a far more positive than usual handling.


I liked Constantine (tv series). Not positive by any means but more realistic uses of magick. Not just about who is good and who is evil. Someone might have good intentions but they mess with things they don’t understand.

Constantine doesnt make the stereotypical hero decisions. Thats what I always liked. He is considered a selfish bastard but thats how he survives. People call on him cause he gets the job done.


Probably best to check out the world of anime for this. There are plenty…


I tried, believe you me I tried but Hollywood rejected me hard so I guess they made their decision as to what they want and don’t want so don’t hold your breath. Occultists are not a large enough demographic to cater to apparently. Sorry I did try for you guys but the pedos are still running the game over there but I’ve been cursing the shit out of them and it’s been working wonders so far. Nice to get some payback but would have preferred the success. Perhaps after my book is published they will have changed their minds who knows.


I’ve been saying to our musician bro @Enlightener that when (not if) it all comes tumbling down, there should be opportunities, so… :wink:

Keep your powder dry, keep up with behind-the-scenes stuff so you can work bits in where needed, and learn backroom skills so you’re as independent as possible come the day.


You know, lately I’ve been thinking that swamp needs to be drained before it’s ready for me anyhow. Thanks for the inspirational words as well. Cheers
PS. Check this out. Hollywood is rejecting Cory Feldman too because he is exposing the peso rings.
Perhaps he will be the Star in my film. My big break and his big comeback!


Doesn’t it cost millions to make a movie? Where you get that kind of funding?

You should make the Pedo’s into “Pedo Bears” that would be funny to put a twist on the word


Hey, I can’t even really like melted Italian cheese on a base with tomatoes and herbs since “pizzagate” - you can leave Mr Cuddles and Teddington out of this association!! :astonished:

(I know pedo-bear’s a meme, but not one I have to see often, thankfully.)

I seriously have teddy bears and I love them and I cuddle them, and anyone who thinks you can’t kill “god,” out-kink Belial, be a living goddess, and still like a teddy-bear, well then you just learned something didn’t you. :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t cost millions it’s just on big budget films millions are spent because they can. I made a 20 minute short film for 700 bucks and it shows on the short films network on dish TV. It’s called Mute and it’s about a deaf highschool football player. I’m a sports fan, what can I say. :blush:


Are u a producer?

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Yeah and writer and all kinds of stuff I actually used to own and operate my own production company in Hawaii. We did a TV show pilot made a few short films, and some TV commercials.


That’s really cool. To create something, almost magical…


Yeah only Hollywood seems to have some magical defenses to keep me out so far. I don’t think they take kindly to anti pedo people around Hollywood. But it’s OK Im getting them back and when they are completely destroyed I will have no competition or need to submit to crooks to get what I want.


I wish you luck.


@LadyEva:Well I use the word Bear, because it means Big Hairy Guy in the gay community. Hence, Pedo Bear…but I’ve also heard that used somewhere before. On top of that, Michael looks like a Pedo Bear

@Adam:. So if you could do that for 700 then I guess alot of money goes into editing and special effects? Why don’t you do all that studio work anymore?


Ever since my grandfather and my cousin died and I went to Iowa for the funerals I have been enjoying the cheap cost of living and using this as an opportunity to get away from it all and live the simple life and work on my writing projects. I have recently become obsessed with compiling my knowledge and stories of my experiences into a book for all to benefit from.


I c. So I guess the writing projects would be used for later films. So what about the cost of advertising? One would have to get ones works known so you make alot of money. Aren’t commercials and advertising expensive? I read that corporations spends billions on advertising

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Yeah but I am an artist a graphic artist and I know my way around marketing and advertising. I have already made TV commercials and have all the experience necessary to do it all myself. If need be of course but that means longer time involved and I would prefer to employ people. One of my greatest dreams is to be the job creator and not just good jobs but great jobs.