Mother nature

I think I can’t do black magick nowadays because whenever I do, the people I cursed turn on me.
Also I think I am being possessed by Mother Nature. It seems every time I do something to harm others, big powerful people turn on me.
Can someone explain to me what is going on?

Possibly the law of attraction: “like attracts like”. You’re resonating with these people they are drawn to you and reflect your own energy back at you, and you end up with an escalation instead of a resolution.

Maybe try other forms of magick, or find alternative ways to get what you want. Like, instead of cursing someone to get them away from you, bless them to get an amazing job offer that they can’t refuse that makes them move across the country. Send them love in spades, and they should dislike it and do the opposite and get away from you.
Basically switch up the the forms of energy used but not so much the results.

I don’t know about the Mother Nature thing, I don’t see why that comes into it, and I personally don’t believe that egregore is very pleasant or kind, it’s neutral and doesn’t care at all, the best you can do is stay out of it’s way.