Most Powerful Magickal Tool!

This is the Lucifer wand my most powerful magickal tool in my collection. Every part of this tool was brought to me through some sort of synchronicity.
The hawk feathers I found after speaking to Lucifer. The first gold one was found while I was in Iowa City, I found it right outside the door of the back patio to the Carver Pavilion. The second black one I found in downtown RockIsland across the street from the center building. A third smaller gray pigeon feather I found in the garage. The stick is from an elm tree that sprouted up in my yard and had began growing by the house, I carved it sanded it slightly and sprayed it with lacquer. Elm is the Druid corresponding wood to the air element. The leather I found in a drawer in the pantry. Yellow is the corresponding color for the air element. The stones I had collected over time each one is an air element corresponding stone the flourite stone is a yellow green octahedron which is the platonic solid for air, this shape grows naturally with this stone. Next down is a moonstone, a citrine, blue topaz, amythist, and a Moldavite tektite, the myth surrounding Moldavite is that it was an emerald in Lucifer’s Crown Lucifer is associated with the air element and the direction of the east. The metal strip around the head of the wand is from a piece of tin I found that I sanded down and polished to a mirror shine, tin is the metal corresponding to air, while doing this process I cut my finger, I used the blood to stain the bottom of the wood and add the energy and power to the piece. This wand is used as the air element in my rituals as well as a incense or sage smudge wand to spread the smoke about the working area. During the construction of this wand I received a familiar in the form of a moth the most sacred of insects which represents the powers of air and the force of the creative chaos and it just so happened to be a very rare yellow and black species as well, yellow of course representing the air element. I even tried to set it free outside but it flew right back to me on the porch. So I let it stay. I can’t even begin to describe the synchronicity of all of this and the power it had had in causing immediate manifestations the swiftness of the winds of change brought by this tool have been amazing to say the least. Everything associated with and ruled by the air element is effortlessly controlled. Below are some pics as well as my new altar set up. I had been through some difficult times and life changing events but it has all culminated in the best possible life situations I have yet ever had. The construction of this tool was been the punctuation mark in my life change and I’ve been granted powers I’ve never imagined possible. I can honestly say my life has never been better than it is today. Blessings of the dark chaos void dragon mother and warmth, love and radiance of the light bringer to you all my brothers and sisters. Cheers!


It’s perfect!




How long did you take to make it, It feels like a labor of love. Thoughtfully crafted, and I mean beyond LOL. All the materials used just feel right to me. I’m curious if there are any copper elements to it?

Your familiar looks like lucifers sigil is painted on the wings :slight_smile:


I didn’t think about the Lucifer’s sigil thing but now that you mention it, it really does! It took me about a week, a little here and a little there when I had time. I actually made a lot of the stuff on my altar, including the altar it’s self. I made the triangle of art, the pentacle tiles and most of it is things I found by luck and chance or synchronicity.

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Just had another victory in in court today thanks to the Lucifer wand!


Just wanted to say congrats.

From time to time I get urges to just say what’s on my mind, this time for you, it’s a reminder that a tool is just that…a tool. Creating it was part of your process to unlock something inside you that you already possess.

Do not come to rely on it however. Enjoy your creation but know that all of it comes from you :slight_smile:


Oh this is awesome!

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