Most powerful and dangerous currents on the planet? ( 2020/2021 Edition)

From @Azi_Dahaka’s post:

I think @Azi_Dahaka’s rank and evaluate system for currents and magick systems, is pretty good. In terms of what current/system is the most powerful and effective :

I have a simple disagreement here, the post you’ve shared about martial arts example.

The simple problem with this example is this, Aikido in the way it is trained and taught in this day and age is not weaponized for starters, so the example technically has no validity other than trained to fight vs trained to move. If the form of Aikido were used and trained to be used weaponized, would it still be that the Aikido guy falls asleep?

Aikido for example is trained as an art of internal peace, MMA is trained to fight.
Swap the martial arts term for magickal/energetic arts, reiki for example is used to heal, get a reiki practitioner in an energetic fight and it can become disasterous for the opponent, because the simplicity is once the practice is weaponized it becomes a different story all together. Fire can warm a house, or burn it down, water can sustain or drown, etc etc

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Interesting… :thinking: I see where your coming from.

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I think someone needs to create extraterrestrial magic. Where you work with different species of aliens. Learning their different systems of spirituality and power.

That would be interesting. Maybe, you could do something like that through chaos magick.

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I agree with DK, LadyE, and others. Anyway, you should practice with what resonates with you, what you enjoy, what gives you that AWE & WONDER, and what you believe you can consistenly build upon. Build a foundation and start simple. This could be a simple mantra you say to yourself “I am powerful.” Maybe

Maybe sigil magic or writing on a piece of paper “i am powerful”. Place it under your pillow and meditate on it before you sleep.

Maybe a stone or runestone or prayer beads you mediate on power. Feel the power. Believe in the power. Be the power.

I like spirits and magic but I have felt that sometimes one puts the spirit above themself to near worship. Some become dependent on the spirit like a drug rather than learn and draw upon their own spirit. The more you become your own beacon, the more you will attract and repel.

Balance should be respected and like a top that starts to lose its control in a spin, events and perspective can be flung out of proportions. I will say that there are times when you are in the “groove” or current and you should ride that wave.

Be well.

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I feel you, brother.

True, brother.


Why not an create extraterrestrial magick system yourself? It’s an interesting concept

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Only thing is i’m about to focus on necromancy at the moment. But maybe, in the future i could…:slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely :blush:

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That sounds crazy ive definitely never done anything like this! :upside_down_face:

In terms of most dangerous id say the Lovecraft current can be dangerous if you arent prepared. Same thing with necromancy. Im not going to make the claim that any one system is stronger than the others, but I feel there two in particular have a higher chance of causing you problems.

I will say Chaos Magick is powerful though. Not because the magick is somehow stronger, but it allows you to do so much and tells you “there are no wrong answers”. Thats a powerful thing for your mind and your life. Of course chaos magick is sort of my foundation for whatever else im exploring so im biased.


You can’t be a proper edgelord unless everyone thinks you are doing something both powerful AND dangerous. Everyone knows that.


In Path Notes of An American Ninja Master, the author, Glenn Morris, differentiates between the powerful and dangerous, and the powerful and playful (in both a marital arts and spiritual context) and it is the powerful and playful that are the ones to watch out for, because their playful nature masks what they are truly capable of.

In magick, you can be swallowed by darkness or burned by the light if you’re not careful. In my opinion, any current can be dangerous if it consumes you.


Tell that to my ascent into the fiery outer darkness of the 12 dark lords :sunglasses:


I love this quote, thanks for sharing