Most powerful and dangerous currents on the planet? ( 2020/2021 Edition)

Hi, everybody!

I read a post by @Azi_Dahaka, done in 2017; a few days ago.

And found the post very interesting. He was wondering how the different currents and systems stand side by side with one another.

So, i thought i would do a 2020/2021 Edition of his post.

I’m a newcomer to magick. But i have always wondered what the most powerful currents in magick are. And how their compared in practicality and effectiveness with other systems.

His some of the post from @Azi_Dahaka. ( I hope he doesn’t mind me using some of his post) :sweat_smile::grimacing::

“There are more currents than any one human being has time for. Each one of these currents is unique in their own right.

Each has its strengths, and weaknesses.

The question is, how do they stack up against each other?

Many people equate this question to Martial Arts. Many people say that it is not the martial art, but the martial artist that matters. I believe that these people are wrong.

I believe that not all martial arts are created equal. I believe that certain martial arts are not only more practical, but more effective than others.”

So, i was wondering in 2020/2021. If everybody could share their opinions on what is the most powerful and dangerous currents and how they compare to others.

In terms of (Big Thanks to @Azi_Dahaka. This list is from his post.):

• Practicality - Consider ease of use, simplicity, applications within the ritual space and in daily life, initiation, immersion, strenghts and weaknesses, applicability, reliance on tools/fetishes, length of incantations, etc.

• Potency - Consider raw power of the current itself and the entities within it, effectiveness of rituals, the amount of time it takes for rituals to manifest, etc.

• Potential for spiritual growth - Consider alchemical change in the practitioner, whether or not the current is a lifetime of work, etc.

• Danger - Consider what/how much is on the line when working within said current, the nature of the entities within that current and how they interact with humans, the necessity of devotion, potential health risks, etc.

• Dogma - Consider the philosophy, beliefs, lore, goal(s) of the current and its practitioners, etc

Thank you everybody for your feedback. Must appreciated. And a big Thank you to @Azi_Dahaka for his post. I hope you don’t mind me using some of your post.

Thank you , brothers and sisters.

One love

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They forgot Dragon magick.

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What’s dragon magick?

Is it a system?


Yes. A powerfull one. Basicly working with dragons. And learn from them.


Wow, very interesting. Is their a book :open_book: on this?

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No so far i know. Its not “mainstream”.


I am still convinced that it varies greatly and For more reason than just the practitioner in question. With voudon for example you’re typically chosen by a specific Loa. They’re the ones that work with you predominantly and play a major role in how far you’ll ascend and what you’ll accomplish at the end of the day. Oshun is reliable and kind but may not generate as much of a combative flair as say Baron Samadi…however The Baron would likely have you take a more substantial risk in ritual and in life.

Vampiric magick would be the easiest to utilize in daily life since there are so many people available to drain on an astral level. Granted, the covid ‘crisis’ makes it harder to find a regular food source. They vampiric entities also tend to take a major toll when blood magic is needed.

Ceremonial magic gains the most substantial results in my opinion but the amount of resources and time needed make it difficult to use in a rushed situation.

If used properly, I would surmise that divination is the most ‘dangerous’ and effective (hear me out) because through astral projection and thorough planning it’s like seeing your opponents hand in a game of poker. The more knowledge you have involving any given situation, the easier it becomes to come out on top. That and it’s quick and easy to implement if you’re gifted enough. You also don’t necessarily have to rely on a deity who may not have your best interest in mind. I know it’s not the most exciting answer and it’s not even my favorite form of magic. However, I feel as though it’s the most practical answer to the question.


Is dragon magick not Draconian magick? :thinking:
As draconian magick is working with the path of the dragon.


My personal opinion, religious magick is the most dangerous as it is based on consensus reality even if not in truth. Think of a group of ants on the war path. As for the most powerful, all magick no matter which type is based on nature, whether personal nature or collective nature.

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They are 2 diff systems the draconic one is more about ascension, LHP. Dragon magick is more about working with dragons, and is more free in which path you take. Correct me if in wrong.

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Having worked with dragons well before entering the draconian I know them to be the same.
However that’s my own experience and perception, so I can’t exactly correct you.
And personally if I could, I wouldn’t believe it to be right to do so. :slightly_smiling_face:
Though I can see the idea that they are different, one focusing on dragons and the other focusing on dragon current or consciousness.


Is their any dragon magick based on Tiamat, for the LHP?

Or any based on the LHP?

Well there’s the grimoire of tiamat - asenath mason.
Though that focuses not specifically on Tiamat alone, but Tiamat and her children, each having their own section, personally I think it’s a great grimoire.


Isnt that draconic? That grimoire.


As I said before, perception.
yes technically draconian current.


Some people think that the most ancient systems are the most powerful and effective. Like jinn magick, vodou and necromancy.

While others think the most powerful is becoming the source of the current, its self. And other say chaos magick is the way. Because it has no limitations.

How do you guys think they stack-up against each other. In terms of power and effectiveness.

It is never the current, it is always the magician.

A powerful magician is a powerful magician regardless of what they practice.


I’d personally have to agree with @DarkestKnight, it’s always about the magician themselves.
Technically there is always a limitation to all magicks, regardless of if they seem limitless.

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Interesting. Thank you, brothers! @DarkestKnight @anon46066516

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I agree with DK

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