Most powerful and dangerous currents on the planet? ( 2020/2021 Edition)

I liken it to martial arts. Every martial style has its limitations, but a true master of a style knows them, and knows how to use them to his advantage, and thus is capable of overcoming an opponent of another style who is not so proficient.

It’s the same with currents of magick. A master of any current will be formidable because they know its limitations and thus can adapt to changing circumstances.

Being proficient in a bunch of different currents will give you a decent skill set, but truly mastering a single current will put you on a whole other level because it requires a depth of practice few achieve.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, few magicians in this day and age are willing to spend the time required to fully master a current. They would rather build basic skills in one current and then jump into the next shiny thing.


Wow, i agree. I think it is about mastering the depths of one system. And becoming one with that current.

I believe that is the way, too.

Wow! Thank you, brother @DarkestKnight. You have put me on the right track.:blush:

Another question, brothers @DarkestKnight @anon46066516 @anon48079295 : do you think magick has its limitations?

Is it possible to reach immortality?

To control matter?

To time travel?

To put your soul into another body?

Does magick have limitations?


Personally, I don’t know if magick itself has limitations, but its expression in the physical world certainly does.

This reality has rules that can be bent and twisted to sometimes extreme degrees, but never completely broken. You will never be able to physically fly without mechanical aid, for example, but the spiritual literature of various traditions does suggest that levitating a few feet off the ground is indeed possible.

I guess it depends on your definition of immortality. Actual physical immortality, where you don’t age, is pretty unlikely, but extreme longevity does in fact seem to be possible, if you believe the accounts of the Biblical prophets and some yogis, but even science says the human body is designed to continually renew itself, and we are biologically capable of living well beyond 100 years.

In the extremes of occult thought, it is believed that it is possible to control matter at the atomic level (Franz Bardon, in his book Initiation Into Hermetics, makes this claim of the perfect adept who has completely mastered the elements), but I haven’t come across the accounts of anyone who has even approached that kind of power so I don’t know how much to believe about it.

However, Sai Baba, an Indian saint, was documented as able to create gems and jewellery out of thin air, though I don’t know if that counts as controlling matter or simply creating from nothing.

Physically, to my knowledge, no, though there are many people in the occult who claim to be able to “jump time streams.” Unfortunately, there is no way to actually verify such a claim, since, by its very nature, jumping a time stream would mean only the person who made the jump would even remember the previous one.

However, mental and astral time travel is very possible. It is the basis for the current of what Taylor Ellwood calls Retroactive Magick.

This is believed to be possible, yes. It’s another thing that is impossible to verify, but there are references to it in the spiritual literature.

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Yes, magick in my opinion/experience has its limitations, for all is based on free will, even if that is its one limit, the ramifications and subtleties there of are numerous.


This question is one that I really can’t answer beyond, anything is possible and what I know of mortality and life things are not what they seem to be on a mere physical level.

Yes matter can be controlled, applications numerous, but to meet the conditions to do so are anything but simple.

Time travel can be achieved and from my knowledge and experience actually happens on a consistent basis, though it’s so subtle it’s barely noticeable. Considering the idea that time is a maliable substance, or even that time is a man made object and idea, and that past present and future all effect each other at the same precise time. Won’t say more than that.

Yes this too happens on a constant, if I told you that you weren’t truly you, could you believe me?
It is (almost) a proven fact considering that on a molecular level you are changed every single day.

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Personally I believe magick has limitations based on the plane you’re in, by this I mean magick we do here adhere’s to the laws of physics even if it’s tiptoeing on the very edge of it, magick done in the etheric/spiritual would be wider in possibilities, etc.


It’s a source of amusement to me that “most powerful” is assumed to be the same thing as “most dangerous.”

Why should what works best to create changes in accordance with Will, also be in any way "dangerous?


only real occult in current state of earth is working with living, there will be open war agains all “existing” systems, “we” are not meant to survive this, everyone that is working with “existing” system are target.

god is not coming back.

Which god do you mean? Lol.

refering to the what you would call “demiurge” which is tho only one machinery created by him, but the one which makes physical reality, live, so to say.

Tbf this thread is about occult currents, not sure where God came from or humans surviving anything. Probably a completely different subject all together.


Thank you!!! :blush: Brothers and Sisters, for your answers. Much appreciated!!!

I was thinking, if you could become powerful enough to control matter at the subatomic level; at the quantum level. Would it be possible to break the law of physics, and achieve more?

In physical Reality?

does that mean, i cant work with astrael/ashtaraoth, tiamat and amaterasu? I ask, because i love them all. And i dont wanna loose them.

Honestly, any answer we give is all just supposition. The only way to truly know the limits of what is possible is to try to achieve the impossible. The biggest challenge in doing so, however, is not falling into self delusion, where you think you have become a super mage capable of manipulating matter at the atomic level, when in reality it’s all in your head, and you have actually accomplished nothing in the physical world.

That is the real danger in using occult techniques to obtain fantastical powers because all too often, we will see what we want to see.


i guess there is a almost-loophole, like 4th and higher dimensions, offering new possiblities PLUS rather focusing on manifest physical things over time, and not like “fire ball in yah face”

example: you dont jsut manifest a tree, but you aim at a tree and enchant it so it grows a bit faster

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I was also wondering: Is it possible to use a ritual as a star gate, to reach different places in the galaxy?

Communicate with extraterrestrial lifeforms?

Is their such a thing as “ extraterrestrial” magick?

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Do these dimensions, include parallel dimensions?

Maybe, accessing parallel dimensions. Is a good way to time travel.

The Mandela effect is evidence of this

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From @Azi_Dahaka’s post:

I agree, that it does depend on the magician. And becoming proficient with a chosen current. But don’t you think some currents, or systems are more effective, efficient and powerful then others?

Like some martial art styles are more effective then others?

More powerful?