Most In-Demand Occult Books

Are there any references or a way of knowing what the most in-demand occult books are on the market? I’m looking to buy a grimoire, but one that would sustain its value over time, as well. Somewhat of an investment if you will.

A personal list from anyone here would be appreciated. Just for some insight.


The occult is such a niche market that, generally, the only occult books that are ever “in-demand” are those with a limited printing run. EA Koetting’s original works, for example, were selling for $1000-$2000 on ebay after their original run, until they were eventually released by BALG in a cheaper format years later. Even now, though, an original Ixaxaar edition of Kingdoms of Flame still goes for around $600.


There’s still things like the Azoetia, Sitra Achra, etc. that still sell for high price. My intention is to find out which ones still sell rather quickly. It seems the market has slowed down since the big releases years ago.


People do do this by buying the limited runs, the leather cover versions when they’re first out and then price gouging on ebay after the have sold out, but it does take months to years for the demand to build up. There was a guy on eBay family for it.

There’sa risk in that a few authors have issued reprints when the price gets too high. If you undercut the price gougers with a reasonable cost your copies will shift fast.

E.g., right now Ingo Swanns To Kiss Earth Goodbye is usually around 80 to 100, sitting there on Amazon for years, then one for 50 went in a month, now there’s one up there at 290 and nobody wants it because they all saw the 50.

So there’sa bit of psychology there as well, you might want to monitor the price points over time to help things shift the fastest.


Yeah that stuff sits around for a long time before anybody bites.

Saw one of these the other day on ebay (was a different book, wanna say works of darkness), and yeah…it was like $1000 or something.

A worthy mention would also be the primal craft books by mark Alan Smith. Those go for anywhere around $300-500 a pop I believe.

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Back when the new (3rd Ed.) Hekataeon was published a year ago, I bought like three copies. ($100 each) Sold them at 3x price & tripled my money.

Since then, there doesn’t seem to be much on the market right now. Like you said, when re-prints come around, demand lowers for the book and people start undercutting or waiting for bargains.

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Internal screaming

Wish I had that book :books: :eyes: :sob:

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The Mystic Grimoire Of Mighty Spells and Rituals - Frater Malak
So I know this one is still around, but it’s not very easy to find in my neck of the woods and goes for a couple hundred bucks, easily. It’s on the rare side (originally from the 70’s) and boy would I like a copy of that, for a reasonable price!

I know Kingdom of Flame is also very high demand, Darkestknight already mentioned it
Keeping my eyes peeled for interesting suggestions :wink:

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The only thing about Become a Living God books is that they sell for standard price, get put on secondary for several hundred, but nobody buys them. Their value decreases quickly and secondary demand is visibly low shortly after release. Been that way for years.

EA Koetting’s work was published years before he created BALG, and it is those books like Kingdoms of Flame, that were originally published by Ixaxaar, that are usually considered to be worth collecting, rather than the more current mass market releases.

I’ve never looked at the resale value of any BALG release though.

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Even the original Ixaxaar books got PDF editions before paperback releases, which made his early works in less demand as well. There were few secondary sales on the originals to begin with.