Most explored magic

I’ve been wondering is there some magick that’s more explored than others for example are there types of magick that can be explained how it works how to do it etc some people probably have different interpretations about how it works but if both interpretations are in some ways valid doesn’t matter I’m trying to find magick that have a concise and understandable way to use it

But if demons or other entities are involved understanding isn’t applicable because demons etc are beyond mortal understanding so that is logical that those entities are illogical

I don’t think entities are illogical. We don’t instant them or their motivations but I’m pretty sure they’ve got some. Even if it’s an egregore made by humans to enjoy serving humans that’s still logical.

I also don’t know if there’s a really “concise” form of magick… that’s useful. The less you explain the more obscure it looks. I’d sum magick up as “energy follows mind”. That’s everything you need to know, concise but not so useful in practice. It’s more like a realization after you’ve practiced the… practical stuff. :slight_smile:

Try the “first contact tutorials” collection and maybe focus just on hygiene then evocation. You’ll get a lot out of that without having to look around at other more complicated stuff.

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Shamanism. It’s the oldest form of magick, and has been actively studied by anthropologists and spiritual seekers for decades. There are multiple organizations throughout North America that hold weekend retreats and teach the basics. It’s probably the only form of magick that is actually recognized as therapeutic and whose techniques have been utilized in more mainstream vocations such as psychotherapy.


Wait egregore enjoy helping humans? Can it talk is it concourse? Or is it something like god creating humans if you’ve created it you can give it the desire to help humans I’ve also heard a theory that baphamet is thought to be a egregore created bij the Knights templar’s pretty interesting stuff

An egregore is a thoughtform aka servitor that is made by multiple people not just one. They do as they are designed to do. They are more like astral machines than beings, and are not sovereign, they have no free will, they act like it but they are bound to their programming… unless you make them so they can evolve and they can do that.

More like mages making servitors, so yes, you design it to suit… accidentally through what you fear or or otherwise if you maintain control and awareness of what you think about this entity.

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Do you have a example of a concept of shamanism that’s accepted by psychotherapy? Sounds interesting

In Jungian psychotherapy they deal with archetypes and the collective unconscious. They analyze dreams and dream symbols and have the client take inner journeys to identify and heal trauma, all things shamans do. The main difference, however, is that in psychotherapy, what is encountered is considered to be a part of one’s own inner world rather than a separate external realm. If you meet an angel, for example, it’s not seen as really an angel, but as a representation of something within the self, not its own being.

Carl Jung drew upon the shamanic world view for a lot of his concepts and Jungian psychology is pretty woo-woo when compared to Freudian, which is basically all about biology and the sexual impulse.

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Very interesting I’m very familiar with Jungian psychotherapy I have done some some shadow work I think Carl Jung and Nietzsche are pretty much the pioneers of modern psychology I look at mbti or enneagram those concepts have both roots in concepts that Carl Jung and/or Nietzsche have talked about