Most common / unique or most effective curse you've done?


Do you think he would go away if you caused him to fall in love and marry someone?


I often wonder if it would be possible to attach a summoned Incubus to a male and have it sexually abuse him as part of a hex? he’d get no sleep for fear or abuse and it would cause unusual suffering?? I’d love to know


Honestly, he’d probably like it.


Damn. May I ask what the specific phrasing was?


Might try this


“I know what you can do, do as you please, just mess him up, I trust you.” It was my first deal with Him.


Marilyn, how long do you think it will take for this to start on the target? Do you find it has a slow and progressive approach or fast and nasty? I have never worked with Belial yet and am interested . thank you


I think its a slow moving process since since I’m targeting his heart issues. I think you’d work well with Belial, he loves strong people.


My target just got arrested and jailed lol. Andromalius watched him and reported back. My target has heart issues, cardiomyopathy actually… I feel a calling to Belial and overtime I go onto youtube videos pop up as recommended all of the time. I really must take the plunge and evoke him.


Do it! Strawberries, black berries, a bit of your blood and start your first interaction with him. He dislikes weak willed, self pitying “pathetic” people but I honestly doubt you will have a problem with that. Belial is definitely your type, just make sure your sacrifices are as big as what you’re asking for. He also likes self sacrifices, like giving up things you like for him. Use black candles and he loves soft music. I always funny enough use Take Me to Church for him lol.


Damn lol


That sounds fucking righteous and bad ass


Lol damn


A bit to far" I think not" we all have to live next door and in the neighbourhood of tossers and people of low intelligence and dim, and these same people are seriously protected by what is supposed to be called the law it’s a joke he got what they should all get Proper justice. Not woolie minded liberal muggle naughty step justice Thank Satan lucifer and all the Demons for dispensing the real deal .Once we get to a place where there is a Satanic meeting place on every corner instead of the weak and pathectic excuse of the christian church these wankers will then start thinking twice about doing people over, meanwhile occassionally one of them gets their justice now, served in full and cold now, Keep up the good work folks


did you have a stroke while typing this


Thanks. I am back after a break. I really need to follow your lead Marilyn and do this. x


Welcome back.
Wanted to speak to you about one of your spells. Will PM you :ok_hand:


Please do. I will reply after work but reply I will. x


One to share that worked well last year,people dropped like flies…no idea if it was to do with me entirely though.
I used my special DOOM water recipee and drowned the targets in the DOOM basin water and weighted it down with demonic sigil stones. Bled into the water with a cut from one of my Black handle daggers and asked Lucifer to do the rest. It worked well, I used a modified version on work colleagues but not to harm them, this one was for harm and harm it did.


Did you have to do an offering ahead of time before this one?