Most common / unique or most effective curse you've done?


I would LOVE to hear about people’s most unique / effective cursing methods. Or your go to method.

I may share a few in thread but my most interesting one was one on a rapist, burying a curse box with graveyard dirt (the whole 9 yards- the usual) but I had put pieces of a small merry-go-round music box type of thing he had bought for me. After burying the actual box, I hatcheted the music box and took out the music maker which is basically this without the handle.


Attached it to my wall and I spin the cylinder when I want him in pain. It works… surprisingly incredibly well.

Any of you have any to share?

Absolute termination of the pedophilia - plague

My most successful was used on the man who lives with my Mother. A bully of anyone vulnerable and a coward.

I used a card he had sent to me years ago and used Lucifers touch to curse him with my blood. After the ritual, Lucifer said one word to me about it confirming he was in agreement.

It took 2 weeks to take hold and worked in 3 waves. Each wave got stronger. I have never seen stronger results in my life,pure devastation… He deserved it and I marvelled at it.


I love Lucifer’s intolerance of abusers. They typically get hit hard I’ve noticed, especially the worse the offense.


The results made me lose my heart to Lucifer and be forever loyal.
This guy deserved it more than anyone.Trust me on that
After a long time of losing his car,benefits, eyesight in one eye and falling and knocking his head and teeth out,he started to get the real hardcore stuff…

His bowel twisted out of nowhere and he began vomitting fecal matter and collapsed near death. He was on the operating theatre table and they could not give him a general anaesthesia due to his new heart complaint ( lol) and so he had to be awake and have a spinal epidural and sedation to have abdominal surgery and he told my Mother he felt no pain but the horror of a rummaging feeling.


That is incredible… is it still ongoing or have things quieted down for the SOAB?


Huh interesting, mine was also for my mother’s bf, also an abuser and blood cursed him as well, but I used the help of Anpu. It went a bit too far though. Probably.

Immediate resaults (within a week): My mom broke up with him, he lost his job and went back to his hometown.
Within the next year: His younger brother died suddenly, his sister’s marriage fell apart after 10 years of “happy life” and she had to move back to her parents house in which they leaved horribly all together, he became a drug user and he’s somewhere locked in a nuthouse till this day. :woman_shrugging:


Good work. x It is not too far as the spirits decide how to deal with these assholes, we just hand them over for justice


Thats incredible results, I hope to see results that intense one day. Hopefully my next upcoming one.


True, I got more than what I wished for and he totally deserved everything.


It got worse,much worse. He has a hunchback and a wasting disease now. Serves him right


Good. These men pick on and abuse Women and kids and then get the payback they deserve ,sometimes at least.


His brother didn’t do anything but heh…collateral damage.


These things happen sometimes. Maybe he was bad underneath. I can relate,


Shame we don’t live nearer Ladies, we’d make a fantastic little coven :wink:


So true :smirk:


This is so strange, I was literally going to reply with “well, theres always some collateral damage.”


The rest of the world would shake as a result. :joy: Probably far apart for the safety of every bastard who crosses us or those close to us.


Just out of curiosity, I wonder what would happen to a target we worked on together at the same time across 3 different time zones with our skills?


Who would you have in mind?


Nobody. I just pondered what effect any three separate rituals would have if done at the same time on one individual. I had never thought about it before.
I remember reading about all of these Wiccans doing a mass cast on Trump in the news a while back.