Most common / unique or most effective curse you've done?


I didn’t. The spell involves handing over your enemy to Lucifer to do with as he wants in return for what I gave him.
I have a good ‘relationship’ with Lucifer and have done for a few years so i knew he would take care of it. I can’t praise him enough


Oh what book did you find this spell in? I’m looking for a good curse right now. Thanks in advance


I always find the best curses to be the ones that flow into me without me asking because they’re raw and primal and flow from a deep dark chaotic place within my astral and usually aim to murder their target within days


Wow so he got hunch back?? That’s kind of funny but also sad. It’s crazy the stories I hear of the twisted things demons do when you leave curses open ended lol.

Do you tell Lucifer to not harm you in the process?


No, He won’t harm me. The target got curvature of the spine where it caves in and hunches over along with dozens of other things. This guy deserved it, I never hex lightly.


Hi Sasha I trust that my guardian Demon is always on hand to make sure I don’t fall out with you. But I do love the result of that, Justice is best served cold. The British police could learn a lot from that but they can’t they are muggles of the uncle Vernon variety (Harry Potters uncle) and far to thick to comprehend that this is proper justice.


The British police tried to do that to me too The 1st person that rings them is who they believe false witnesses that were in bed asleep and one witness that was 75 meters away from the supposed incident behind a 7 foot hedge and the police were on it And it still took 4hrs to find me not guilty. Damon Brands magick certainly did it’s stuff that day as we are now guilty in the UK until proven innocent they just try to find an excuse to steel your money. And your right honest emotion and intention is the main ingredient for magick and in those circumstances never seems to fail .


Thanks Herbie. I live in the UK and I know what you mean. x


I’ve only ever cursed properly once, but the fucker deserved it, and not just for fucking with me but many others as well.

I went all out. The preparation and the working itself was spread out over several weeks. I planned carefully and deduced all the angles from which I should strike and at what time to direct each attack.

It was brilliant watching it all manifest according to plan, really stroked my ego :sweat_smile:

It also made me thankful that I’ve not followed up on the in-the-moment desire to curse many others… This stuff takes a lot of time and energy and awareness to do thoroughly.


What I did once with Belial. Death happened.


Great result. Is the world a better place without this person? I know the answer is yes


i feel like thats a controversial opinion we share quiet often.




Has anyone here ever used Brazilian magic? I knew a guy that was cursed by his ex (the ex was from Brazil) and I’ve yet to see anything more devastating than the effects I saw on that guy, I mean the dude’s life was a total nightmare! That said he was a total a-hole so he probably deserved it.


can you describe the curse?


Sure, I’ll try to keep it as short as possible …

I had to work with this guy for three years (touring musicians) and we traveled a lot, every single time we arrived to an airport his luggage landed in another country, I mean every single time and just his bags :joy: Every time we went out for dinner he would be the guy that got sick and throw up all night long, during soundchecks something would always go wrong with his gear. There was one time in Chile where we were doing soundcheck in an incredibly beautiful venue and we had an amazing view to the ocean, it was such a perfect day, a seagull was flying above us and took a shit right over the guy’s head, I mean this seagull was so high you could hardly see it! :rofl:

Another time we were playing this town in southern Argentina so we checked in at the hotel, cursed guy decides he wants to go out for a walk alone and then a dog comes out NOWHERE and bites him, my roomie and I just laughed at everything that happened to this guy during the tour because he was a real dick but after the dog from nowhere event we (roomie and yours truly) talked to his only friend and asked what the hell was up with him, he said “Oh he’s doing ok now, you should have seen him after he split with his ex, he nearly died” we were like “Really? You mean it was worse?!” His pal told us he was an abusive partner and cheated on her, so he got served one hell of a curse, my guess is the ex used Kimbanda or something similar on him, he had to travel to Brazil to see someone to help him get rid of the curse because he was having all kinds of unexplained health problems, I mean the guy was throwing up blood and no doctor could tell what was wrong with him.
His bad luck was beyond supernatural, never seen anything like that afterwards.


I’ve posted it before, but I once was being stalked by these people who frequented my old job (over a disagreement). I really wanted them to get into a wreck, so their truck crashed the following week. It didn’t dissuade them, however, because they continued to show up to my work place, just never in the same cars. Eventually they would just show up on foot. I suspect they began having car troubles no matter which vehicle they used and it spooked them.

My recipe? Rage and really wanting them to stop. All that paranoia and negative energy took its toll though, so I eventually left the job.


I hope it stopped. My main hex work has been against a Stalker and his stalkers by proxy. These people are the worst and deserve the worst.


It didn’t. I believe if I had worded my intentions more vaguely It would have stopped. Ironically, I was just way too specific with what I wanted to take place. The one time and it bites me in the ass.

Could you believe I went to pick up some groceries there recently and someone was there on their bike watching me, still?


Oh, I understand. All of my work has never gotten rid of him yet fully, just dampened him down