More free card readings [Closed]

• I can find a lost thing
• I can help you choose between two things
• I can give a straight answer
• I can tell you when X is going to happen
• I can answer yes/no
• I can give advise
• I can answer a question you have for a spirit (don’t pick unless important)

I’m on a daily streak of readings so far, thank you to everyone who lets me test my skill out and practice on them.

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I’d take another one :smile:

I am searching for the remote of my sound bar. So I would like to know where my lost thing is :blush:

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I would like one too!!

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One more

I would like one too

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Your the first to ask for that reading!

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That’s because I am special :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I thought that’s a really interesting one and it could be really helpful :slight_smile:

This reading gives three areas to look.

Check a tool box, men’s supplies, or where you have looked

The refrigerator or freezer.

Or it cannot be found or broken…

Idk why the fridge but I end up leaving my phone in there sometimes lol

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It’s definitely not in the fridge :joy::joy::joy:
Tool box you mean where literally tools are inside?
Men’s supplies… Hmn…

I think about it and check. Thank you :wink:

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I pulled two aces so it might not be able to be found

What’s your question?

I want to know what will happen with my court case

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I know this reading works because I tested it on my father when I knew where he was. He was at work. I pulled three cards and they looked ridiculous. But the last card said at work. That how I knew it worked.

If you don’t mind can I know what this is about. You don’t have to tell me I just think it might help the results

It is about my court case I was caught stealing and it might impact my visa, Ive asked Belial for help but I dont know if my visa will be okay or if ill end up graduating from my school on time without the case coming in the way

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I myself know nothing about court and all of that so this is a tough one. It’s a mostly positive reading so I’m going to go with it won’t really effect graduation. I got mostly diamonds so it looks like it’s going to be on topic about your card. the jack is a card for messages, but with the spade on it it’s a blocked message. Your cards might suffer. But the cards are telling you to learn mistakes. And umm I think it’s saying next time you steal wait for the right moment when the workers sent paying attention… Ummmmmmm. Yes. Thats. That’s what I got from that. This is the funniest reading I have ever done…I’ll even break it down. The last column is a two of diamonds. This is a opportunity to get what you want. And below that is the jack of clubs. A worker. He’s faced away from the two. The cars are ummmmm. On your side. I guess the message is don’t get cought next time.


I know it’s not true but I think my cards have a sense of humor.

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Thank you so much!!!

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What’s the question

What is to be found in ancient Greek stuff? By “ancient Greek stuff” I mean both the actual spirituality and history and the fictional works based on them, such as “300” and the Minotaurs space marines

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