Hey, I’m incredibly new to magik and am learning about spells and evocation and such. But, ive immediately ran into a roadblock. Every spell, every evocation, seems to come from a place of selfish desire and affects other people negatively in some way. It’s hard for me to perform spells because i feel immoral. Is this something that any other people have dealt? Is there a set of principles we should adhere to or is anything free game?

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Why do you feel immoral?

Well for example, I was trying learning a love spell to win a girl over. But shes already dating someone. If she’s happy with him then it seems selfish of me to take that away from her just so I’ll be happier. Thats just one example but more broadly, it seems magik generally results in the magikian getting what they want at the expense of someone else. I could be completely wrong but these are just my first impressions

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Anything is fair game in magick, especially black magick.

The Left Hand Path is not governed by any outside code of behaviour. There is no god or authority figure to tell you what is right or wrong. You, and you alone, are responsible for what you decide to do, and reap the consequences thereof.

As a beginner in magick, I recommend you take some time to contemplate your own moral code. What are you willing to do to fulfil your desires? What aren’t you willing to do? What line will you refuse to cross?

Once you understand your personal value system, base your actions upon it. We feel guilt when our actions are inconsistent with the internal values we hold.

There is no universal guide to behaviour, so understand that your values apply to no one but yourself.


Pretty simple really. If you feel bad about it don’t do it if you don’t then do. People complicate this so much. Don’t go other people’s moral codes. Go by your own. For example some people think love spells on specific people are ethically wrong, other people it doesn’t bother. No one can tell you how to feel. But if you can’t look at yourself in the mirror after doing something then just don’t and don’t worry about it.




Don’t you think that people would care about your well being too much, either if it serves their way. Magic or not.


If that is the case then you have to ask yourself if you actually want her. If you have a true desire, human constructs like morality are not going to override said desire. It may sound arrogant but this idea of sacrificing your own desire because someone already has what you want is not efficient at all, nor is it conducive to development of character.

She is your desire, correct? Anything in the way of your desire is an obstacle. Remove it as swiftly and as efficiently as possible, completely removing emotion from the equation as you do so.


Dude, it’s okay not to like the left hand path, I personally don’t like it, there is plenty of other spiritual or even just philosophical paths that you can follow and that will adjust to your worldview, if you are okay with your worldview, because if you are not, you might want to call this guy:


He will guide you to the path that better suits your own individual nature


My answer regarding the morality of love spells in whatever case it may be is : nature is not moral

Sexual desires come directly from your survival instincts and IT wanting to pass on your seed and in my opinion casting love spells on a woman or a man is a strong and feminine way of survival.

Masculine way of survival is straight to the point you simply go out and take it but the feminine way of survival is cunning and strategic I mean just see how much a girl does (make up ,perfume ,dress etc ) to win a man over compared what men usually do so I’m perfectly ok with surviving like this


As for morality, when dealing with good people I deal in good when dealing with evil people I deal in evil. It’s about what is appropriate to the situation. For your situation all is fair in love and war. This man would most likely steal a woman away from you if he wanted and she would most likely run off with another man if she wanted. So there are no rules. My ex ran off with a drug dealer because he was providing her with something she wanted and she knew I would not approve of. She threw away 6 years of relationship with children involved because she’s just that selfish. So I destroyed her relationship with that man not because I wanted her back but because she put our children at risk, neglected them, stole my savings, did a lot of selfish fucked up things and when people fuck with me I fuck back much harder and finish it. I let them know and everyone else that to fuck with me will result in not only, not getting what you want but total annihilation. I make the consequences too dangerous and costly to ever even consider doing it again and to deter others from even considering it.

Treat others as you would like to be treated and assume they are doing the same, but the moment they show you how they want to be treated do the same or worse to them.


Words of wisdom :tada:


Other valid points made in replies aside, not really:

If you want to learn healing magick, and do (arguably) selfless healing to develop power while you figure out where you stand, that’s perfectly possible. :+1:


Are you a reader of Ragnar Redbeard perchance?

And most men go for a pre-pump at the gym, style their hair and put on a polo or shirt. The lack of differences between the two is apparent. Even the predatory strategy is similar among males and females. Just as the men are in contest with each other to find a mate, so are the women. The dance floor is modernity’s drug-infused Savannah.


I don’t know how much it will be helpful but for example I’m “self righteous” and even with questionable attempts I justified myself that I give a little push to events in order to achieve sentimental and financial wellness; afterwards I’d make good use of that eventual luck, also trying to help others. Anyway you may perhaps be interested in Magick both theoretical and practical as a path of growth and knowledge e.g. Levi, Papus, Golden Dawn.


Never heard of him

But we do not wear makeup to look like something we are not

And also I should mention that I’m not saying this is necessarily how all men and women attract a mate but at the end of the day you either do what it takes for you personally to survive or you don’t


Whenever the culture of the time permitted it, men enthusiastically used cosmetics, as well as wigs, it’s just not fashionable for men right now.


Well, yes. Every tradition has some code of principles and moral philosophy.

And of course we’re talking about the modern day man

In general morality is a choice just like wether to cast a spell or not is a choice

People are people, the average person of 400 years ago had the same drives and weaknesses.