Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results

I have done for about a week variuos invication and evocation to 6 or 7 demons and to gnomes, I asked to improve my investment and to bring a precise big amount of money into my bank account. Now my investments are suddenly skyrocketing everyday. Moreover an interesting thing is happening: in 2 or 3 movies I saw last days, the main characters obtain MAGICKALLY of by pure chance THE EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY I asked to demons and Spirits!! Is this a good sign or it means I’ll obtain that smount of money only metaphorically? I hope they will manifest concretely in my bank account. :slight_smile:


Well, how did it go? Success?

In the earlier portion of the post you mentioned evoking demons and gnomes. Which demons did you evoke or was it just in general? Also, I’ve not heard about gnomes. Do you know any good book references on them?

Well, I hope that you received so much money that you’re so busy spending it that you don’t have time to respond. Lol. : )


demons: bune, clauneck, belial, ghob (not a demon, more like the chief of gnomes)

gnomes: are real astral beings and do what you see in disney movies and ancient books.

I got in few days some thousand $ but then I threw away my spells and sigils to hid them from my family and lost immediatly all I earned. Now I am rebooting my magickal practises, waiting for spiritual ascension ritual I paid for Eric. Meanwhile I worship Lucifuge and Astaroth with enns and today I received a gift to pay a debt I had.


Bummer on the reboot. It sounds like things are turning around. Some days it can seem like one step forward, two steps back…

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Rebooting I mean I will repeat same ritual but with new sigils and most after the boost I should receive by Eric in about next two weeks

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I have used this mantra many times now. And it works WONDERFULLY!
According to what I found, you’re supposed to repeat it 28 times. Damn near every time I do it, something pops up that will put a few hundred dollars in my pocket. The funny part is, it is almost always the same money making opportunity. When I repeat it, I usually visualize dollar bills floating down upon me.


Yep!’s starting to come in. I was wondering because it took a month or two for things to start happening. Unfortunately, I’ve been using so many different methods that I’m not sure if there is a prime mover or they all equally as beneficial. The amount is about $7500 so far of money that I wasn’t expecting. It didn’t fall from the sky though. Most of it has come from acting upon intuitions after meditating or something being on my mind when I first wake up in the morning. Things that were available that I had overlooked or someone told me about out of the blue.

What I’ve been doing:

Some random candle magic spells
St. Expedite - Not sure if this worked. I asked for specific amounts that didn’t show. I might need to fine tune my method here.
Rituals from the Book of the Old Ones
Rituals from New Avatar Power
The Magical Cash Book
Rituals from Necronomicon Spellbook

I’ve done others but I’ve been using the ones above the most regularly.

I’m looking forward to continued success so I can push forward with ascent rather than having to worry about money.

I hope that some of these references can help others since I gleaned most of my references from this forum.


My employer owes me approximately $40,000 as well. I’ve been asking Belial to shake things up there a bit so they’ll let go of the money but they’re holding on like grim death. Lol. If anyone has any suggestions in relation to that it would be truly appreciated!


Thesombra, I’m looking forward to using your mantra. Thanks for sharing it!


I only use money spells for need. When you are in a rut so to speak. Trinka five has worked very well for me. St expedite came through numerous times , however in bigger ways when i do his ritual on someone else behalf, and Clauneck got 450 through within 5 days. Also the old ones are pretty powerfull.
My HGA is working right now to make my money flow more stable. And a financial situation has his attention. I see that he is opening doors for me. But I will post the end results. What works really well is hiding small bills in places people will find it. Write a heartfelt message in it. This way the joy you are spreading votes back.


Just once, if it can be called “Magick”.
When I didn’t know anything about magic, I red so many things on Law Of Attraction, so when I was working, I kept thinking “Money comes to me, I’m a money magnet”.
The last day, came over 300 clients instead of the usual 100.
The bad thing was that my Boss took the money LOL

At least, it worked


[quote=“karasu, post:50, topic:2762”]Just once, if it can be called “Magick”.
When I didn’t know anything about magic, I red so many things on Law Of Attraction, so when I was working, I kept thinking “Money comes to me, I’m a money magnet”.
The last day, came over 300 clients instead of the usual 100.
The bad thing was that my Boss took the money LOL

At least, it worked[/quote]
It happend exactly the same to me but at least I got commission from it. Next time I used" money comes to me in a positive beneficial way for me and are mine to keep"


I wrote the Fehu rune on the inside of my left wrist in black ballpoint pen. In total, i left it there or renewed it for about 3 weeks. Within the first week, I had two proposals for small jobs totalling about $100 extra. After i let the rune fade completely, a friend decided to rent my spare room, yielding a viable secondary income. Sigil magick at its finest!


[quote=“karasu, post:50, topic:2762”]Just once, if it can be called “Magick”.
When I didn’t know anything about magic, I red so many things on Law Of Attraction, so when I was working, I kept thinking “Money comes to me, I’m a money magnet”.
The last day, came over 300 clients instead of the usual 100.
The bad thing was that my Boss took the money LOL

At least, it worked[/quote]

I would also like to add a little sympathetic magick to this - I would repeat this mantra but at the same time I would make a ‘Money Magnet Charm’…

Get the largest denomination of coin that your country of residence uses and stick a magnet on the back of it.

You just made a money magnet. Literally :slight_smile:

Keep it in your wallet/purse and while you’re repeating the mantra ‘Money comes to me, I am a money magnet’, imagine that you really ARE a magnet and visualise money being drawn towards you and ‘sticking’ onto you. Go as crazy as you want, imagining dollar bills sticking to you until all you see is a room full of bank notes that you’re buried under. :slight_smile:


“Magickal Cashbook” by Damon Brand.

My first attempt for $1100 failed but I believe Nitika was trying simply because I got a strange phone call from somebody looking to buy a personal watercraft or ATV. The guy had my name and number on a piece of paper with a note on it saying that I had those items for sale. He Could not remember where he got the piece of paper from. Unfortunately I did not have either of those items for sale.

My second attempt for $375 resulted in a surprise phone call that will put $1000 in my pocket plus two other checks totaling $250 that were somewhat unexpected.

Nitika came through with flying colors this time! :smiley:


So can you give us an update on your life with the financial spirits and if things kept going in the direction you wanted financially?




Hi Tami try using the primordial abundance of Jupiter ritual by J D Temple from E A’s anthology of sorcery volumes 1 2 and 3
if that can’t make them loosen the purse strings nothing will.I have done that ritual twice and the results have been awesome, the first time, one of my big customers who were a pain in the arse because they never paid on time sometimes I would have to wait 4 months and then it would only be three quarters of the bill paid and then I would have to yell at them again and would then wait another month for the rest it was really annoying as they were a multi million pound a year profit company and should have know better.
Enter the primordial spirits of Jupiter Three days before I did the ritual i handed this company £1200.00 worth of invoices which as I handed them in I made a mental note to expect the payment in 3 to 4 months.
Three days later I did the ritual and then forgot about it. Five days after that I looked on my internet banking and couldn’t understand why there was so much money in the account.(an extra £1200.00)
This company for the last 20 years has always paid by cheque which i then had to bank and wait for clearance to use the funds and five days after the ritual it was paid and done.

the second time i used the ritual someone owed me £200 from 2 and a half years ago and I had given up any thought of collecting it that transaction was in my mind when i did the ritual but didn’t give it much thought because the guy was very illusive.I did the ritual on the full moon which happened to fall on the day of Jupiter and i did it during the hour of Jupiter at about 3 am in the morning I have to say it felt really good.
10 days later I had a phone call from the guy “can I come now in about 20 minutes and pay you what I owe you” it was the first time ever that he turned up when he said he would turn up and I was astounded.(Thank you Jupiter and your primordial spirits you have made life so much easier ) Thanks to J D Temple for submitting it and Eric for including it in the book.
If you don’t have the book you need to get it, it’s not cheap but worth every penny .and if you can’t afford it yet look at the video J D put on u tube he has done a live video of the ritual and when you have done the ritual you will be able to afford the book win win all round. Herbie


From what I’m reading, it should be 27 times.

I evoke Bune.
I have successfully found housing, increased sales and money and goods finding themselves to me in odd ways.

I petition Bune on Thursdays, very early morning with Green candles, offerings of Oranges,Blood, Rum and Honey.

I use Bunes Enn and a detailed petition.


I can not remember in what book I found it exactly.
But the method is the following, on a piece of paper or a check that we are not going to use, we put a quantity or a phrase that represents a quantity of money (example: money to buy a new car)
It is important to put “all paid” in the payer’s area.
Then store it in a remote place and forget it.

Months was it due to this? I do not know, I received a check in the mailbox, which represented multiplying my salary x5 or x6 times. I could’nt believe it.
There was a judicial issue with my house claimed judicially, but I did not expect any return of money and 2 years later, if only the value of 1 salary, no more.
Nervously I went to the bank, and asked if it was real or an advertising strategy. Because the check arrived in a normal envelope to the mailbox, without certification. It could have easily disappeared.

If it was due to the check I made on a piece of paper … you have to find out and tell me.