Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results

Thank you everyone. This is very helpful!!

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Ref: the above, I can’t vouch for Birto (nor sithseverus) but for anyone interested, here’s what a quick google search turned up:

There’s a drawing that’s reputed to be of him, source unknown, at this link

“A depiction of the demon spirit Birto, said to have been conjured at the request of King Edward IV ~17th century.”

I don’t know anything about this demon so suggest you deploy caution and do divination first.

Edited 20th Sept: I’ve temporarily stickied this thread and tidied it up a bit as an experiment, to see if we can to keep it strictly for info and personal success stories, for people who are in financial need.

To recap: List what you wanted, what method you used, any on-topic notes, and finally the result - no moralising, no banter, no comments about the capitalist system, no planned works or comments on someone else’s post (please show appreciation with the like function, and take questions about the working or “That spirit totally doesn’t handle that” to another thread or PM).


Hey,guys 1 month ago.i was in dispute whit a manager,so i ask her,why you let the fat chick go home first,it cause a big deal bcse tey are good friends,i tnk and decide to work whit belphegor,a demon of wealth.i got suspend 1 week.but i ask him to help me.i got 2 jobs,im getting overtime.every day.more morning.night were i got suspended.tey beg mw to work.and the fat chick is picking tat days:).also i did find $ 5 dollrs in the air,i follow,and find $407, usa, dollrs.exactly 1 week,aftdr i pray to a of the busiest electronic storez on the world.not one see,just me,folded,nice,not it was not wallet.just folded money,i was so hspy whit him.


In my past, I have taken a different approach with some success…

Using ritual for ‘Compassion’ in ‘The Satanic Bible’, I performed a ritual with the focus of quick monetary gain. For those who have read the book, it is a simple form of symbolism to affect one’s own subconscious… And it works. (The Destruction ritual also has worked amazingly well for me).

Two days after the Compassion ritual I received a call from a family member to tell me that they had just transferred $8k to my account - they figured it would be useful to me. It was.

Since then, I have made efforts with NAP, as well as that same compassion ritual. Any quick gains? No. But… My wife and I have gone from mostly struggling to having enough that we could be considered reasonably well off (no debt, $2m assets). Hard work? Luck? Whatever…

The secret to the working (The Satanic Bible) was given by Anton LaVey in that it doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not… Whilst IN ritual, you MUST believe with every ounce of your being. I consider that this approach creates the greatest level of symbolism that can reach one’s subconscious, and then affect reality. Whether it works for others I do not know, but it did work for me.


You sound really experienced with this, and I’ve also found the long-term approach works with money magick - short-term lump sums, not so much. Can you please share the names of the demons you’ve found came through the best over the years?

What probably seems self-explanatory to you might not be to everyone, and a lot of new people join the forum every week who’d love to have some pointers. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Bill”]This is a post about my findings on achieving true wealth while using the influence of magic. This is a big picture post, not a simple spell.

First off, let me say this is the only area I feel competent in. I have advanced myself to a point far beyond what I ever thought possible. Here is the secret: it is my primary concern in life. Judge as you will. I hide that fact from everyone I know and act humble at all times, but in secret I am not humble and a very greedy person. So I make a lot of money at this point in my life. Much more than ANY profession you could work in.[/quote]

So what business are you in ?


[quote=“Bill”][quote=“wildtouch, post:27, topic:2762”][quote=“Bill”]This is a post about my findings on achieving true wealth while using the influence of magic. This is a big picture post, not a simple spell.

First off, let me say this is the only area I feel competent in. I have advanced myself to a point far beyond what I ever thought possible. Here is the secret: it is my primary concern in life. Judge as you will. I hide that fact from everyone I know and act humble at all times, but in secret I am not humble and a very greedy person. So I make a lot of money at this point in my life. Much more than ANY profession you could work in.[/quote]

So what business are you in ?[/quote]

I’m really sorry, but I’d rather not say. I hope you can understand.[/quote]

haha I understand but can’t blame me for trying but if you ever decide to share your wealth building secret or write a book about it let me know.


I don’t think this posted before, so forgive me if it’s a double post and feel free to delete it if it is: I used E.A’s Sigil technique to summon Bune because I needed money to fix my car right away. 2 days later I received $200 from my mother who just happened to win extra money at a casino so she had more than enough to spare! She even took me out to a nice dinner while my car was being fixed!


I wanted to share this sigil that Anima Noira was nice enough to share with everyone on her facebook page. It’s a sigil given by Jason Miller from his book Financial Sorcery it’s suppose to be very powerful. Here is the original post by Anima Noira

“Use this sigil from Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller (Inominandum) to Hold Onto Money by drawing it on your retirement account statement, upload it as an avatar to your online banking app or seek other creative uses, so that money doesn´t just come to you, but it stays there too!”

here is a link to the sigil since it will not let me upload an image [url=]Redirecting...


I’m not surprised at my result but I am a little shocked. I tried yesterday to open the Spirit Bune’s sigil from the Become a Living God E-Book, to summon wealth into my life. I tried to get into the theta gamma sync as E.A. Koetting describes. I never wrote the sigil down, I was just staring at the sigil on my phone. I am a truck driver and if you are in that business then you know that freight is slow this time of year. This morning about 20 minutes ago I received a call that my leasing company just signed a contract that guranteed me $5000 a week for the next 60 days. Now I never wrote the sigil down and I don’t believe I ever got into the gnostic trance but I did use the incantation “Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu." Maybe the power in that incantation was enough to carry my desire to the infernal empire. Love & Respect


A few years ago I was in debt, and really struggling financially.

I meditated on Jophiel’s sigil, and also used it as my profile pic on fb for a few days (a bit unconventional- I know lol).

Two weeks later, I received a back payment from the company I was temping for, for money they had forgotten to pay me. This was enough to pay off my debt, and I still had some left over. Then one month after that, I was offered a permanent position at the same company. I have not had money worries since then, and have managed to save more during the last few years than ever before.


I’ve been using TWF’s Jupiter Abundance sigil, and it’s caused not only more income from my Tarot reading business, but people in general have started giving me more gifts, like clothese, shoes, etc. Also things that I wanted but didn’t put much planning to, seem to be manifesting on their own! Like I just got free pet supplies, calendar, some food…

I also keep a combination of the Seqor Square and Bune’s sigil in my wallet for an added boost


Generally when I’m looking for money I’ll do a basic sigil opening (ala Works of Darkness) for Baal.

Within a few days of doing this for the first time I had a bank error that provided me with a few hundred extra dollars. He’s always worked wonders for me.


Baal, not Bael?

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Same god variations in spelling I believe


I’ve found asking for specifics works but not in the abundance that the operator would wish for. I’ve found 100 dollars won some scratch offs but I have wife two kids and two 160lb plus dogs that eat like it’s no one’s business home two cars ugh it goes on and on so I devised a plan use 3 demons to seek and destroy for vast sums of cash. They were all pleased to work with one another and no offerings were given. Sigil magic used only but established psychic connection will all demons heard clearly there voice. Vassago his job was to find connections for my new working bune and claunec were the operators of the new mint that would be needed for this. Due to certain privacy concerns I can’t really describe the following events no I was not pimping children but u get the idea. I met a man who I would partner up in my new venture by life shattering events where demons screamed dumb fuck here he is! I detached but was unspecific of how or what would come to be and almost let this man slip through my net twice.
It’s important to mention this guy was from another state and only reason I met him was he was arrested almost to the day I did this working it was in my journal I instructed no friends or family get hurt well he wasn’t a friend yet ended up being my best friend great dude perfect match for me.
Within the month of meeting him cash was starting to build within 3 months my responsibilities grew and so did the flow within a year I was Ballin like never before.
I also must mention I evoked Belial for his extremely dangerous case at least 5-10 years and that demon wrecked absolute havoc on the prosecution he got a year probation and a transfer to Philly lol aka we don’t give a fuck what u do don’t kill no one probation department and no fines.
Everything was going great until my old addictions crept back in be careful what u ask for cause they deliver regardless if it will fuck u up or not.
So here I am now 3 weeks clean just reached a great outcome in my minor criminal case with magic and getting ready to rebuild. Years worth of achievement can be erased in a month.
And getting to overwhelmed with what demons deliver can take time away from practicing and then my senses dull and I don’t see the Fucking tragedy right around the corner be deligent be in control and don’t slip in this game cause it will cost.
P.s. all minor money workings left out due to insignificance its got to be an all or nothing situation to truly get ahead here people.


Hei all, first i want to say hello and tanku for share evrithing on the Blog
I want tell something …
Couple of months ago i was down and no job and much more that is posibile when somthing go roung…
I want to TANKU WHIT ALL MY HEART to Great Ant’harratu for Working whit me having patience whit me and guide me to succed …
First week i work whit Great Ant’harrathu 7 days on day 9 i had 2 oportunities for job and a contract in fighting Life ( i am a boxer)
I work whit Great Ant’harratu from 7 Months now and my life is a Blees …he is so Powerfull and Influentible
TANKU Great Ant’harratu. …
Whis u all a great day


When i need little amount of Money like 25 or 30 Bucks i just get my Black Candle on my Altar and do a little bit of Candle Magick and every time i get what i asked for, Works Wonderfully Well, I was in need of Financial Help for my College study in September, and Due to my Family Situation and my Situation i was pretty sure to get nothings, so I go Outside in the Wood Behind my House and Evoked the Great Pendralion and Ask Him to give me Over 2000 Dollar for my Study, i get 3000 i am very Happy,


Guys, I want to share my succes with simple methodes like, candle magick, herbs and incense sticks. I don’t have a job, but money comes to me from everywhere, it’s realy amazing. I don’t have a job cause I don’t want it, I want to stay at home and study for a new profession. Studying is expensive, so what I do is: I have one green candle dressed in Abundance oil and herbs like grinded cinnamon and basil. I also put cinnamon and basil in my windows. I have my little money altar with this candle and I burn this candle EVERY day with incense stick next to it (incense sticks " Attrae dinero"). I printed out on paper sigil of Jophiel and put the candle on it. Also, I make time every day to feel grateful for all that I have and I actively imagine money coming to me. I think the succes of it is the fact that I do it every day. Dilligence and consistency. Work your magick, guys! I hope this helps to someone.