Money Spells all tested and have worked

This isn’t true. Sometimes, 100 or 200 dollars are the difference between homlesness and having a roof over your head.


I know millionaires and billionaires, and another group I’m a part of used divination and such to see if they were protected/had powerful spirits around them. They did, from what we saw, and they were generational. They’re using magic that’s not mainstream (aka, anything you can easily research or has been studied in depth). And we surmise there’s one person in the family (or a few) who takes on the burden of studying up on their craft and diving into it, while the family benefits and does their part in ways they’d describe as being mundane, not magical.

I further tested this hypothesis by trying to mess up a rich person I knew and my spell backfired big time. The cause was some powerfullllllllll moon spirit that seemed far more ancient than I could even catalog. I tried finding more info but was promptly blocked. It seems these entities have no names (besides basic, but descriptive calling cards), have no affiliations nor boundaries (thus, can move in ways the spirit most here know can’t), and are elusive.



To be honest with ev1 here, Millionaires and Billionaires, use magic of the Moon, but this magic is owned by the Devil, also known as Satanism, they sell the Ol Mighty Soul, and do the bidding of the Devil, in return for protection and greed ( wealth ).

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Assuming that is true (which in my opinion I’m not sure) it sounds like a real stupid deal

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If you look into reality humans aren’t that smart as most think they are, look at sex booze and drugs, they influence into the lifestyles of rich and famous and not rich and famous. So a deal with the Devil for riches beyond your wildest dreams, maybe with the kick to it of famous. Doesn’t sound so bad till the Devil comes a knocking for his deeds to be done.

@NewYorker, Here is my opinion to this question of yours, do it for 5 days straight, Pick 5 to 10 sets of lotto numbers, but don’t actually buy the tickets. Just look at the winning numbers drawn to see how close you have come. This will determine how well it’s working for in a weeks use of the spell. If your not close then, I would recommend lighting a white candle with it, and chanting, and use the same candle for a period of 5 days, then play your chances.

Added #2 to my morning ritual and 20 days in I got an unexpected check in the mail for $470.26


Sounds like something primordial…


Even Bill Gates went to India before he made it, he went to India and made all kinds of rituals he said himself! And also if you find any biography of him you can find for sure that he went with some friends to do some rituals there


Thank you for all of this great stuff you posted!


“Money come to me,
Money come to me,
Money come to me,
Money come to me quick!”

Repeat over coins and a lit white or green candle. Imagine money coming to you. Repeat endlessly when trying to enchant an item to draw money to you.

A Full Moon Ritual

  1. Take a clear glass, gold and silver coins of some time, and fill the glass 2/3 water over coins in the glass.
  2. Go outside and set the glass on the ground so it catches the reflection of the moon in the water in the glass.
  3. Meditate on your needs and visulaize your need.
  4. Say:
    “Lovely Lady of the Moon,
    Bring to me your wealth right soon.
    Fill my hands with silver and gold,
    All you give my purse can hold.”

Alternatively do the same process with waxing moon to full moon to increase speed and potency.


Keeping in mind the waning moon, you can alter it so poverty flows away from you:
“Poverty go away from me,
Poverty go away from me.
Poverty go away from me,
Poverty go away from me quick!”


I believe the ‘double it’ cash bills spell worked as well for me. Have not tried my pair of five nickels.

Bay Leaves also work, just putting your Full Name and Birth Date one side, and $ signs on the other or an amount you need, in practice Bay Leaves your not gonna get rich on, so max out from my experience has been up too 5000 dollars but you’ll need a reason to receive that high or it don’t come, the amounts that don’t seem to need a reason are, from $1 to $500.


Is this surprising? Many people worked with ancestral magick in the past. I imagine what probably happened is several generations ago, this multigenerational incredibly wealthy family came from relatively humble beginnings, maybe even less than that. Then one or two individuals took it upon themselves to change that situation for themselves and for there descendants. Probably formed some multigenerational pact way back in the 15th century or earlier as result of coming from situation of dire poverty or powerlessness at the time. This what happened with the jews and there ancestors way back when they were just a minor power back in the Sumerian city states.


ditto on this I keep a few in my purse too. Works wonders.

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That’s the problem. Magick works on need the most part. If your already content the money won’t come but if you really need to get that raise or pay the rent suddenly it works like a charm and if the idea of receiving it makes you feel content even better. Emphasis on the need as want is not a strong enough emotion I guess maybe even superficial.


Sounds like a backwards thing, now don’t it, that raise or pay the rent is a fear of desperateness, that seems to drive magical workings, fast nearly over night. In other words, its really sets the minds focus to those things being desperate or fear of the need of having it.


Well it’s all about emotions I think. The more concentrated emotion you can pump into a spell the more powerful it is. So if your naturally more emotional or have stronger emotions then spellwork will fit naturally like a glass slipper. If on the otherhand your more naturally neutral emotionally or logical then you might have to work all the harder to get things to work.


If you do the full moon ritual with a nice silver coin in the bottom of the water and get the coin to shine in the rays of the moon while you say the incantation it is very cool, and just before the chant look at the moon and call “Hekate Hekate Hekate” This was the 1st ever Magick spell I used and my kundalini energy went mental I thought at first I was having a stroke and then realised it felt really really good. The next morning She granted me £320 which was very urgent and neccessary