Money Progress with Balaam

After Michael’s recommendation to work with Balaam, I read about Balaam’s talents in astral magick and wisdom of the world. About a week ago I decided to just drop down and evoke him at about 0500. The session was short; (about 20 min) I explained that I’d heard of his talents and asked to aid me in perfecting astral travel and the stock trading profession. My conditions were an altar with a consecrated medallion. Then I asked for confirmation in dream time. Afterwards, it happened.


The dream was pretty random but there was a figure, a big floating reptilian-looking eye ball that landed and crawled around on its tendrils as legs, like it was just checking things out. I found the dream to be useless so I force myself to wake up and shut my eyes once more. My vision opened up to my room with the disembodied eye floating around, like it was checking out my space. As I turned away, the eye sprung and sunk its tendrils into my neck, knocking me over, paralyzing me, giving this sharp buzzing sensation pushing further into my neck, getting stronger. I started getting nervous so I forced myself awake.

Didn’t know what that really was. But around noon while doing homework, I saw a blueish-purple shadow with wings near Michael’s altar, noticeable sharp. I slowly waved and the colors merged together and faded.

After that experience, I later tried picking up on his image, a mental conversation started with a heavy pressure around my head. I couldn’t get anything but either an eye, or a mature aged monk. The conversation was foggy (as usual) so here’s the gist.


What are your offices?
Counsel of hearts – secrets therein. Affairs and relations of men which turn the course of fate – Force of Earth and command of tides. . . . none escape my vision. . . nor hold their secrets in countenance.
I noticed the tail on the sigil. It suddenly occurred to me that the “reptile eye” was a dragon eye.

Ritual Implements?
*** Images of dark objects with highly polished and reflective, shiny radiance. Heavy browns with shimmering cool colors.

After the conversation. This past week I began actively stock trading again. I’ve had the ability to more effectively focus on real time data to judge position placement and price action patterns. This past week I’ve been profitable roughly $100 a day. I plan on building an altar for continued success and meditating more for improved astral ability, as well as improved social standing.

This is near-perfect image of him and his vibe. Saturn with Solar radiance.


Hooded Figure


hello !

any update on the case?

I’m sorry @Diego_Bastos but that user has left the forum. The “anon” name means the account was suspended and their username changed to something random and unrecognisable.

I’ll go ahead and close this post to avoid further possible disappointment.

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