Money Magic: Investments

Were you trying to bring new income or expand an existing one? The former is a bit hit or miss with Jupitertian energy.

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I was trying to bring in raw income
Like money outta no where

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That would work more with Venus and another planet thay aligns with the target source.

For example venus and mercury for business income, venus and the moon to bring income from deals involving the home such as selling/renting ect, venus and saturn to bring in money related to responsibility like if someone owes you money. Venus and jupiter works to expand current flows of income

Venus alone can manifest money but with an active source of potenal revenue i have find it packs a bigger punch. Before this manifested for me as more hours or random cash ending up in my pocket. Usually in a lump sum kind of way.

I started aiming for the bigger target of doubling yearly income and now a work opportunity fell on my head that could potentially double it if not triple it with further training :laughing:


Oh nice man!
So thats where shit like Mars of Saturn, Mars of Jupiter, etc comes in?

Hmmm what about Venus and Uranus? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’ll put it this way as an example.
Saturn’s energies are involved in “natural” death, ya
die painfully of disease or peacfully in your sleep that is Saturn

Mar’s is more involved with “unnatural” death all from accident to murder.

So combined

All imma say about those combos :rofl:

As to Venus and Uranus i would think that would be somewhere in the range of profit from rebellion,upheavals or invention. From what i know of Uranus’s energies it’s kinda like the mad scientist archetype wise.

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Haha! Gotcha man
Thnks for being a bro

And thank everyone else too!

And incase you were wondering as to the counterpart of jupiter and mars here is are visual examples :rofl:


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This just made my fuckin day! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Lol for sex?

And yes im milking all the info i can get from you @Dinmiatus

I noticed :rofl:

And your looking for mars(passion/lust) and venus(pleasure/sensuality).

If ya wanna dig more into practical examples ya may wann consider getting this program, it covers alot of possible uses that people (including me) may have not considered.


That’s exactly what my planetary system is based on. He has the most comprehensive outline of planetary hours I’ve seen. @Micah the Venus spirits would be best for generating new income. And you might look at Mercury of Venus and Venus of Mercury for investments.


Thnks @J.A.Ragnarson!
Im looking into this shit today

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Jason Miller’s Advanced Planetary Magick could be very useful. It provides 49 planetary calls and invocations, combining each of the planets, such as Mercury of Jupiter, and how to use them for things like finances (Mercury of Jupiter helps with the movement/flow of wealth).


Sweet but would u mind if u can tell me who I can evoke yo Help sale my house please. The market in Canada right now is extremely BAD but I need my house sold ASAP due to personal reason.

If you check the video i linked it’ll direct to a course on planetary magick where ya can work out the formula for that. I haven’t done work with that particular situation so refering to the course is the best advise i can give on that.

Thank u

A strategy that I have found to be useful for investing/trading is to extend your perceptions. Sure, you could try to make a stock or currency do well by targeting that company or project directly with your magick, but this is somewhat unreliable. It’s sort of like the lottery in that sense - lots of stuff going on to muddy the waters, as it were.

A more useful approach, then, is to do magick to help you choose the right investments, by extending your perception into the future, and by enhancing your ability to read markets. I personally employ the genius spirits from Magickal Riches to this end. By invoking the geniuses, you take on the powers of divination and enhanced perception directly, while also encouraging an increased flow of money through you.

I have found demonic work to be more effective for manipulating others into doing what I want, which is also an effective strategy for wealth-building, but one that you may wish to apply to other areas than your passive investments. They can bring opportunities for taking market positions, however, something that complements extended perception rather nicely.

A common misconception is that the markets are logical and follow objective economic trends and rules. In reality, it’s all Psychology. Demons can work with that quite readily.

Of course, this is only my experience and strategy. There are certainly other ways of going about things, and you may find other spirits effective for different things. With wealth in particular though, it does seem that a range of powers, employed strategically and tactically as appropriate, is best.


You’ll find that here. I’ve personally had great results with St Joseph’s statue.

I did that 2.5 months ago but thank u… how long did took b4 u sold it?