Magick for selling a house

I really need to sell my house so that I can invest and move back to the US, I am currently living in Brazil now. The problem is that is it being very hard to sell, even with my price being pretty low, the market is hard. I am a satanist and work the left hand path, with that I’ve worked a pretty catholic spell, an old Italian custom, which is burying a small St. Joseph Statue upside down, I did it facing the home in my front yard, near the for sale sign, along with a small prayer, which can be changed a bit. I`m open to any suggestions or opinions on this topic, it has only been a week since, no big results yet, and if anybody knows other more left hand path workings or spells on this topic, for selling a house quick. thanks, Sebastian

lucifer,bune can help

Clauneck . Maybe King Paimon and King Belial .

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Get a saint Joseph statue and bury it upside down at the front of your property.

yes, I did that, do you have personal experience with this method?

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Yes, I sold a cabin in less than 3 months.

My mother used this method to sell a house but was uncomfortable placing it upside down so she did it right side up - she got renters for two years.

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does it matter which way the statue faces, even if upside down?

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Nope just make sure it’s upside down