Money keeps slipping away

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I might not have exact words for headline nor for the topic.

The only thing running in my mind is to ask you, do you know what could be the reason for money slipping off from hands ?

I earn a lot, a lot means a lot. But not a single penny stays in my hand. It gets spent in anything and even if I borrow from someone to invest in my business to make more money. That money also gets spent anywhere in the world and I get more debt than again same thing happens. So on so forth.

My mental condition and thoughts on why this is happening :

  1. Because I am lusting for millions.
  2. Because I am having a lot of guilt for anything.
  3. Because I have regrets about anything.
  4. I am not lucky enough ?
  5. I am a chain smoker who doesn’t want to work and just wants money.
  6. I am cursed, which can be true at some extent.
  7. I don’t do hard work to earn properly.
  8. I don’t even try to save small amounts.
  9. I am definitely cursed or getting blockages from some spirit or deity.

Tried almost everything, nothing worked out just because I do not know the exact cause. You can feel free to post your thoughts.

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The recent years I started looking into the topic of wealth and, amongst various “things”, there is for example having 3 bank accounts: one for normal use, another to spare money which shouldn’t be absolutely touched: it’s in case of extreme, urgent necessity; finally one devoted to investing.
About books there are “Rich dad, poor dad”, “Think and grow rich” and, by Dan Pena who declared it free, “Your first 100 million”.


Try Clauneck and ask him to guide you to preserve your wealth and stop the heamorhaging.

You can also treat your business entity like a spirit, as it’s an egregore and you can ask it directly what it needs to thrive. The author Machaele Small Wright wrote a book on “soilless gardening” (she started her spiritual work as a gardener) that goes into detail.


I’ve never thought about asking my business for what it needs to thrive. This makes sense, being that everything that exists has energy or spirit attached to it. Like how people speak to their cars, boats, or computers!

Good idea, @Mulberry!

BTW, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is an excellent book, and “Think and Grow Rich” is a classic. Also, the Dale Carnegie books. “Your First 100 Million” “The Richest Man in Babylon”


I have started reading psychology of money, after few pages I stopped reading and started thinking that these all are non existent chat compared to my own situation it doesn’t fit well. It happens with any book we read.

Yeah sounds like you’re cursing yourself while taking zero accountability for your actions.


Agreed at some stage.

There might be some relation between these things.

You might need to evaluate your beliefs and assumptions around money and finance and see if something stands out.


Beautiful… Just absolutely beautiful… Seriously not even joking. I just love how you put 2 & 2 together… It makes me have hope for the world… :face_holding_back_tears: that’s what I like to SEEE! ! :rugby_football:

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Sarcastic ? :smiley:

Naa that’s how I felt, However if it was mean, then I apologize, I was having a little bit of laughs xD


nobody is mean.

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I love you too :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, thats quite a list.

Some of these problems could be broken up into an interconnected re-conditioning of your daily habits (boo, boring) and therefore keeping the riches that you’ve earned. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make a complete turn (and get your morale crushed by the weight of not getting anything done), you just need to allow your future self a little headstart. I would suggest to read “Atomic habits” by James Clear. If you can’t be arsed to read the whole thing there is an abridged audio book available on YT.

When you’ve made your mind up where to establish the needed changes at hand: call on Belial. Ask him to help you out with sticking to the plan :slight_smile:

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You need to get the Wealth Magic book by EA Koetting & C. Kendal’s. I got the book and bro… it has allll the answers. The only thing you need is the book, paper and black pen/marker for sigils, lancet for blood, candles for candle magical and a fuckin will

And Connor Kendal dives deep with many ways you can manifest, there pages of list of materials that you can use to enhance the rituals. I mean shit, I’d do both sides of the book.

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thanks, i will find it.