Money financial help

Good morning all, please help me seriously I need money urgent to pay house rent receipt and clean outstanding loan that borrow. Solomon Geoffry from Nigeria

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Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results Please do an intro first! :+1:

Where have you been hiding this :joy: book marking it.

Solomon Geoffry from Nigeria, interested in lucky money magic, and magic power wealth protection and success in in everything that I do, like school for exams and reading books magic.

what all have you tried for making money? I would suggest Belphagor and ask him to give you an idea

Please help me seriously, I need financial help my house expired since and no food or to pay school fees. Please I need your help.

And what are we supposed to do?

Eva already linked you a very nice resource, and doesn’t seem like you bothered reading it.

Please do a favor,

Please I need your idea , am serious anything else I can do to get money.i may sell my soul for money

Just help me seriously, am facing real challenge

Can You shut up already and check the link they gave you?

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You’re not the only one with a financial problem, mate.

There is no easy solution. No spirit will make you a billonaire in exchange for your soul. But you can work from wherever you are now up to the top.

Just click the damn link Eva gave you.

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I no, I don’t have any money, my job stop,
Ok let me follow the link

everyone is in the same boat, my friend. Just refuse to pay your landlord or bank and tell them you will press charges if they harass you

That’s the problem that I m having now, everyday the Landlord will come and insult me,

Try praying to St Expedite: