Modern Synthetic Crystal making and magic

Very interesting outcome with Alum and Water so first time i mixed Alum with Water and Microwaved it the Crystal i got was super Fragile and Broke with a Pinch were as the Heat Fusion or Plasma Fusion ones can literally scratch Glass when i try. So last night before going to bed i did the Water Alum Mixture put it into a Mold this morning woke up removed the Crystal from the Mold and its Solid i guess i should of let it sit the first time but now it looks more like a Sandstone unlike the Crystal structure you get with Plasma fusion.

Also i will look for the Tutorial he uses a Arc Welder and post a link here.

I got deep into crystal making managed to fill 5 vials full of Synthetic Crystals and going to be incorporating Sigil Ashes in my next test on Monday. Here’s a Link were he uses a Arc Welder with Carbon Rods to make Synthetic Rubies.

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Please continue letting us know how your synthcrystal projects go; it’s definitely something worth researching for the future of magic. Organic crystals are definitely far superior for most things currently. It takes AGES for many of these crystals to actually form naturally, not to mention they’re absorbing the energy of the earth for ages until they’re dug up to be sold.

However, crystals are expensive if you want to use them routinely. If mages can develop the proper methodology for creating and using synthetic crystals instead of organic ones, that kinda indicates the dawn of a new era of magic. It’s more than likely that the real reason for why most people feel synthetic Crystal’s are “dead” is simply because first of all it hasn’t been naturally attuned to the chi forces in the earth, and since it’s relatively new no ones really figured out how to really work with sythcrystals in a manner that is at a bare minimum comparable to organic crystal usage.

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I like that idea a lot. I might try it in a few months but also use a vacuum effect to create a negative pressure in the crucible so powder can be continuously added easily.

So i have managed to put some energy into some of the crystals by letting them soak in the sun, i also am considering burying a Vial for a week and coming back to dig it up the tying it to string and letting the Vial sit at the bottom of a pond for a couple days at a remote location in the hopes some natural energy laches on. I have also Infused powdered Grapefruit with Alum to make a Crystal, now this one i find intriguing because there is some natural energy i can sense added to the crystal from doing this but sadly because the Grapefuit wasn’t living when i did this nothing Spirit wise was able to make it a Conduit. So i want to try again but this time use living plant matter to see the outcome.

Make some orginite with them as the resin shrinks it adds pressure like the earth does.