Modern approach for classical grimoires

Im wondering about modern occult approaches for classical grimoires suche as Grand Grimoires, sword of moses, grimorium verum, ars Pauline. Fasting, abstaining grom mundane pleasures or Beeing detached from socjety for konger period of timer is almost impossible. Despite sigil gazing and creating Altar for Spirit I Sony swe aby other applicable methods nowadays

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I don’t know those particular grimoires but I have taken an approach that says works do not necessarily need to be done exactly as given, particularly if it’s likely that blinds were used, or information was withheld, or changed.

Basically I will read the text. If it’s a ritual I might be interested in, I’ll trust my gut to take care of filling in the blanks- I probably already read between the lines, and to substitute where needed.

If I was just learning to do this, I would start by thinking about what the ritual is supposed to do, why the author is saying use the elements they are, what do these items or things or words symbolize, what connection with my subconscious this would make, how did the culture and time affect this working and these words etc.

Basically I would analyze it and use my inner discernment to know what could be changed and what parts I need to take from it.

This is usually a fairly customized approach, two people doing the same thing like this with the same ritual might design their working completely different- and that’s okay because your subconscious knows what your trying to accomplish so it will key in on the points you need to take and use for your personal self at that time.

I just use E.A.'s methods wit these, seems to work. You don’t get quite the oomph that you can fasted, but if you practice more you can compensate for the fogginess that having junk in your system creates.

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