Mix white and black magick

The craft is an art, and as such it must include elements of darkness to be truly appreciated. You would never find a great work of art that doesn’t include shadow. It is balance.


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i am really looking forward, to know some demons and angels. thank you all very much for every opinion, helps me a lot, to find my own way. further comments are very welcome.


I see multiple people typing and I get the popcorn out.

That said, light and dark/yin and yang/ negative and positive/ whatever is the two things that the universe is made of, and the one thing both are made of from both of those is energy.

Light and dark and their various configurations and arrangements give birth to everything and anything, one alone is useless for anything except bricking yourself.

Crippling yourself with only using one is cutting your arm off and wondering why you can’t do as much as you used to be able too.

When it comes to separation like light and dark, its important to realize that both are energy, and your concept of energy is by nature of being a concept and thus by association limited to itself is a false view, the truth is always more complicated than the lie.

As for angels and demons fighting or the lack thereof, who gives a shit? Melek Taus, the lord of the djinn and the world. The peacock god with 7 hues who’s both Iblis and the angel of Allah.

Neither Light nor Dark could stand on its own, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some opposition but in the end even the most opposite forces have a reason for eachother.


Apologies if this was already mentioned (I was skimming) but…
The way E.A. put it is that black magick is magick that has tangible results. It’s magick that makes things happen. Exercising your will upon the universe, as it were.

So yes, lots of white magicians do use black magick, if we are using that definition.

As far as mixin and matchin goes…you can do whatever methods work for you. I personally am a big believer in Balance, in all things.


Thank you very much Alita, i just read something about the Book of the Dead, interesting subject. it is good for me, to widespread my mind above christian concepts, i have grown with.


thank you very much for your comments, DarkestKnight, also for the citation of E.A. Koettings “Works of Darkness” (actually i read this book/grimoire since a week, it is very very good and interesting). in your citation, there is also a description over black magick, like:

You say at the end of your comment:

i definitly would like to know, if E.A. Koetting would define black and white magick a little bit different in the meanwhile or in an additional way.


There’s another quote from WoD:

“Any that would claim that there is no Black and there is no White must therefore be standing in Limbo, and would do well to take this tome and discover for himself where heaven and hell part.”

And then in Evoking Eternity, he states:

"While finding perfect balance is essential to Ascent, there is also much to be said for experiencing everything to its fullest, immersing oneself in darkness and evil to the point of oblivion, and then rising from the depth of Perdition into the glory and light envied by the angels, and moving from there into the middle path of exaltation beyond the flesh and above the throne of God.

Most do lose themselves either in the darkness or the light, however, and never find that column of
Light and sound which offers to carry them into the heart of the Eternal."

I don’t know if his definition of each path has changed but I do think the two quotes show the evolution of his belief, and how both Black and White Magick are ultimately necessary for the balance of true Godhood, which is beyond duality.


Speaking of attitude towards entities, I probably apologize to them a bit too much; surely a mistake, but it’s a sort of adjustment by excess.
Anyway after demons I’m now in an “angelic period”, a short while ago I even made the experiment of saying Christian and demonolatry prayers; if it’s true that religion is magick, or at least partially so…


hello fapa79, thank you very much for your experience shared here.

i would like to know, if you have said christian and demonic prayers in one breath or at different times, days. if you have said them at one opportunity, i would be interested, how you experienced the moment? was there disturbance in the energy in the room or was it all harmonic?

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I said Lord’s prayer, then oration to Lucifer etc. but I also went less “extreme” (i.e. a day with only Christian prayers), so both in one breath and at different times. I felt like things were somewhat fine.


just found an interesting discussion between E.A. Koetting and Astrid about white and black magick: - YouTube


I feel like an interesting piece of literature would be a comprehensive compatibility list of Angels and Demons that

  1. Won’t work together. Period. Don’t try
  2. Will work together but won’t enjoy it. Be respectful of these beings.
  3. Will work together but possibly don’t work well together
  4. Will absolutely work together and will deliver incredible results

As well as defining what these combinations of beings would be best suited to handle.
Not really asking anyone to do this, as it sounds like a lot of work, but it’s an interesting thought. Maybe with time we could destroy this dogmatic propaganda as well.