Missing dog

I realize this might be a dumb question but my daughters dog ran away. He was in a home that wasnt his and he jetted through the door as soon as my friend opened it. Hes in a different city. Question is, is there any spells or anything, just anything that will bring him back or closer to me so i can find him? I been looking everyday & i feel lost

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Sorry to read that, I’d be out of my mind with worry, and it’s not a silly question at all!

I’m not sure the Angel of Lost Things will help here, you could try them (The Angel Of Lost Things - Sigil & Information) but you may have more success in this case with visualisation.

What kind of dog is he? Can you PM me a photo?


Im honestly an amateur to all this but im willing to try whatever it takes. Hes been gone since fri night and its already sund night. Im a send the pic now


Vassago, Foras, Cimies these spirits is for found lost things, also try to track the dog chip if the dog got it.


I always use Andromalius and have never been let down.

You could post it on Facebook and contact local shelters and the Dog warden with his chip number and photo also.