Mirror portal test

Hey guys, did you try the mirror portal test to see directly and easily if a mirror is a portal for the demonic? It is a finger test: touch the mirror with the index and it does confirm a portal if there is a space between it and its reflection

(TV: Paranormal Survivor)

There’s always a space unless the mirror is made of polished metal.

Mirrors are made of a piece of glass that has silver paint on the back side. The space is literally the glass in between your finger and the silvering.

Some people. smh :woman_facepalming:


@Mulberry So since you’ve dispelled them myth for the op, do you know any real tests to see if there are portals (besides being a sensitive to disrupted energy & their vortex’s)?


You can test by asking a pendulum or other divination, you can check for unusual quantity of entities when you have wards that otherwise work. Like having mice in the house, they have to get in somehow.

You can “see” them coming through it you sit and watch it.

But if you’re worries just have a quick ritual to close a portal if there is one, do it on every mirror whether you can sense anything or not and fully intend that there’s no portals anywhere in your house.

Also check fireplaces, windows and doorways, the liminal spaces aka “the in betweens” can have portals as well, as can “in betweens” made of half lit, shadowy spaces. Twilight is an in between, so look around the house with the lights all off at twilight, things can be easier to see then.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m not overly concerned but since the op seemed to have concerns about portals figured might as well as ways to tell that don’t involve the debunked press a mirror method (that way the op or anyone else have an alternate way to tell right) so that’s why I asked.

Add: for me if I had a hunch I had an Open portal I doubt it’d be in a mirror if it happened it’d be more likely to be on the floor in the ritual space (probably under where the candle or alter was). So far no stuck open portal though so I’m good currently.

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To follow up, you can practice this skill with people. In the same way you can tell if someone is behind you, or you’re being watched. Go to a quiet cafe, and watch as people come in. Notice how the feeling of the cafe changes with the new people. Libraries are really good for this as well, in the reference section where it’s super quiet.

Get practice not looking and getting impressions of the persons energy, then look up and see how your impressions matched what they look like. Sometimes it does sometime it doesn’t, but as you practice you get more accurate. Notice how you can tell where they are as well as mood.

Now go back and do the same with the room that has the mirror. People are spirits with bodies, entities are spirits without bodies, but they also have moods and location, and you already know how to tell those with feedback.

Bonus if you find ghosts in the library :slight_smile:


So I guess your saying it’s like the same way you can tell someone in the next shopping aisle is about to come out of the aisle without looking where they’re going and you stop and avoid getting hit by their sopping cart or bumped into by them ? You didn’t see them but stopped cuz you sensed something the energy approaching so similar to that? Or is it different then that?

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That’s exactly right. It’s why I say all humans have this innate ability, all humans are at least a little bit psychic and it can be developed further with practice.


Is there a spell to call them to the mirror like how do i summon and make a pact… but seriously do you know any that you could tell me even a lesser entity would do. Iv done alot of reading on djinn but no matter what i do i can not get anyone to tell me how to summon or even make a pact with them. I understand this kinda stuff can be dangerous i accept that and want the experience to help solidify a few un answered question

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In one of the books written by Michael Ford there was a black mirror incantation through the power of Lilith.

Thank you ill do so more reading

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