Mind control

Mind control is a common plot device in fictional media. However, I’m wondering, when you take away a person’s free will, does it block use of their intelligence and mental faculties?


Interesting question, I suppose it would depend on what kind of mind control was used. For instance, lust/obsession magic is a form of mind control but the target retains most of their free will. I’d say that it influences their faculties, within the parameters of the ritual, but the target would retain their intellect and the rest of their free will.
Would make a longer post, but it’s been a long day and I’m getting tired. Be keeping an eye on this thread though, might express my thoughts more thoroughly tomorrow


I don’t think you can take away free will, it’s one of the main rules and central point of this planet’s purpose.
Mind control works via either persuasion, confusion, or breaking someone’s mind so badly they can’t think their way out of it.

In the first case, they keep their intelligence - they may they think it’s their idea, or may be acting to avoid something worse they’ve been persuaded is real. With confusion they make incorrect decisions because they don’t have all the information ad keep trying to place incoherent input into a known paradigm. In the latter, they are quite mad, may have lost major parts of their soul to protect it, and will be unable to fully perceive reality in a functional way.

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Umm, I’m asking in terms as portrayed in media.

Like magic itself, it’s possible, but I’m sure it’s watered down and/or embellished in media.

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It blocks it for as long as you keep your frame of thought controlled and aligned with what you wish.

Like a zombie? Sure–that’s if you can manage to break their will to begin with. Of course the media and entertainment will get this wrong though; or portray a diluted, more improbable version.

I don’t know about a human doing it, but I regularly ask Satan to “mind control,” “brainwash,” and “hypnotize” me and since it keeps me in my intuition, and I’ve been doing this for so long, I no longer have access to my old kind of intelligence, which was book learning. (Although obviously I can still do things like read and write.) I’m not saying it like it’s a bad thing, though. I’m better off this way.