Mind connection. Some questions

I had a partner years ago and we were together for many years. We would always know each other’s thoughts without speaking aloud. We could even be distanced for some time, yet we knew when one of us was thinking about the other. I believed him to be a twin soul or flame, and I felt we’d been together for many lives.

Then, something similar happened with my ex-husband… Even though we were so different, we had this connection. I’d tell him that I thought he was reading my mind. Sometimes I’d be afraid to think specific stuff in front of him because he knew what was in my mind. He said that I was the one reading his mind and would put thoughts in his head. Like I don’t know how, but I am.

We are not together anymore, and there’s this person I have a connection with. We are not together (cuz it’s messy from my side) but we care about each other. And this situation is happening again. Ex. I ask him to find some dancing lessons for us and he says “I was JUST on it, how did you know?” or I think about something, then a minute later he mentions it as if it was his own thought.

What would this be called?
Is it possible that I’m the one doing this?
How can I stop it?
and how could I develop it to use it on other people?

It’s normal for people to pick up each other’s energy and have that translate as though transfer, called telepathy, emotional transfer, called empathy, or other kinds of sense inputs know as “clairs” such as clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear knowing), clairvoyance (clear seeing/visons) etc.

Basically all humans are slightly psychic, some more so than others and those you resonate with will have better transference with you than people you don’t.

Using these senses makes them stronger, like using muscles does, and ignoring them makes them weaker. Remote Viewers who go through a phase of becoming oversensitive find visualising turning a dial down helps them.

But otherwise it’s a bit like asking how you stop seeing the color red. Do you really want to, or do you want to work on your emotional control so that you understand yourself and why some information bothers you, and work on it not bothering you.


Instead of telepathy, or basically speaking in each others minds, you’re reading the energy feel and feelings of the others thoughts.

Or so it sounds to me. People who classify themselves as empaths, particularly those who really get into feels, tend to experience this.

Whether or not it’s you doing it… it’s hard to say. You don’t sound like you are the one picking up the information most of the time, it sounds like you are putting it out there and the friend feels it without realizing it comes from you.

I often feel things about those around me and have similar experiences where it seems surprising I knew something I shouldn’t.

Usually the person was thinking about wanting to do or say it to me so the information just comes ahead of their words, probably because energy follows intention and is very easily directed with thought on purpose, so thinking real hard or even just in an enjoyable manner about something can seem like it gets sent to someone unintentionally.

I find I pick up on the information from others easily or more readily than they do for me, but I’ve had in the past where people would say they wanted to be around me because it felt good or when my anger switch flipped on they didn’t like it and felt scared… because in the past I wasn’t really aware of how easily I could essentially change the feel of an entire room by how strongly I felt, held and projected my feelings which reflected my thoughts.

When someone is picking up on their side, usually they are very close to me, it’s only happened in reverse a few times, at least that wasn’t a very close familial relationship.

I do feel like it’s normal in deep/close or intimate relationships but I also think it’s probably why most people say be careful who you fuck or who you share energy with because frankly not everyone is good hearted and some people will use these things against us.

You might check out my energy manipulation tutorial, it’s basically doing this on purpose where you make someone feel or think what you were or wanted them to on purpose, on the down low for the intention of accomplishing something.

Reverse knowledge of the process can help you discern when you are unintentionally doing it, give you ideas for how to protect you from having it done to you, may help you lessen it or increase it if desired.

I’ve found most ordinary people don’t like it and get upset if I’m accidentally sending a bad mood or hurting emotions too much, so for me learning how to use it more intentionally has made life easier.