Millionaire after contact withith claunek and lucifer

Not a problem starting reading literature Eve if it feels boring or basic you’ll be happy you did happy holidays also keep florida water in your home I use it before and after I do rituals it protects me I pour it in a pray bottle and spray myself from head to toe all over basically begin my ritual then I use it again after I’m done.


Yes I know the recipe of florida water

Thank you

getting herbs would be difficult for me
Also you mentioned the baneful powder

Florida water is charged with a particular deity or loa for protection against all negative entities its something i recommend keep in yoúr home at all times

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It’s a plethora of herbs and powders I have plenty powders simply because I make my own or I order some but I learned how to make a lot of baneful powders if i run out of the ones I order. I have a platform where i call myself kitchen bitch because i make most of my pwders from herbs in my kitchen or if i buy certain powders such as black arts pwder i do a half and half mix of graveyard dirt black arts powder and my own powders that i make and I sprinkle these powders on my petition to bring forth whatever request I wrote on my petition to be done to my target that may have wronged me I got powders and oils i use for my love spells lately love spells is something I’ve been working on a lot lately.


Congratulations honey. That what I’m talking. I’m going to continue to keep working with him.

The basic story that includes this is here, though I left the “thin air” part out:

I’ve experienced being borderline stalked already due to something I posted, which was misread and a load of wishful thinking added by the reader, so I err on the side of caution.

Luckily E.A. writes books for a living, has a shit-ton of guns, and no such bashfulness about those types of things, so I refer you to Ipsissimus, where he describes a spontaneous manifestation of fruit. :+1:


Congratulations on your success, if you ever want to do some investing and grow that money let me know. I work in motion picture ventures. Most people don’t know that the studio only puts up 30% of a film’s budget and the rest is all private equity. Elon Musk actually made a good portion of his fortunes investing in movies and people think he did it all by selling electric cars Lol :laughing:


And you’re not letting me pitch a script? I feel betrayed, Adam.

I’ll go cry myself to death in a lonely corner.


You have a script written?


No, but I can write one or at least pitch an idea.

I think I told you I’m a writer and broken (and yes, I do have some English stuff ready to go)


Ok PM me and tell me about what you got


Ohhh girl thanks!!!

I thought that you couldn’t ask for money in a ritual with Bune and then the same money ritual to Claun eck. Don’t two two rituals collide?

I looked up motion picture investing because I never knew it was something that was done. I invest in stocks so I assumed it wouldn’t take a lot of money to get started with investing in films…I knew it would probably take a lot of money, but when I saw the amounts of the investments needed for some of the films :exploding_head:

It does seem very lucrative and I’m very interested nonetheless, because I absolutely love investing. I have some research to do later & then will do a ritual or two…maybe 5 or 10 to come up with the money to invest.



Where’d you get that info

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I read it on some sites on the internet. Does it mean, you can ask the same thing to different demons on different times?

Yes. DM me