Mike Bee's guide on crystal ball use for evocation and clair training

Greetings fellow Balg members

I’ve been doing alot of work with evocation using a crystal ball, and clairvoyance training as well. I wanted to give you an easy to use method of evocation while using this amazing tool.

What you will need
Basic knowledge of evocation
Approx four candles
A quartz crystal ball ( or other stone as appropriate or as suits your taste)
Two small boxes, or stacks of books or shoe boxes
Triangle of art
Your wand ( or use your fingers)

First giving credit where credit is due. This method I’m going to illustrate comes from the book “kaballah, Qlippoth and Goetic magick” by karlssen. I’ve used this technique several times and gotten superior results.

Step One: Consecrate your crystal ball.

Steep your crystal ball in moonlight for a few hours prior to first use. Preferably full moon or waxing.

If you work with a divination spirit frequently ask them to bless and imbue it with a portion of thier power.

Annoint the crystal ball with a drop of your blood and clean it off after it dries.

Pass the crystal through incense smoke if you like as well and charge the crystal with your own energy.

You should be ready now.

Step two
Place your triangle of art in front of you and put one small box, shoe box, or stack of books behind it to create a backer.

Step three
Place your spirits seal upside down in the triangle of art standing upright as depicted below.

Step four

Place two candles on either side of your seal.

Step five
Use your other box, shoe box or boom stacks to create another table for your crystal ball. This should be approximately the same height as the seal is.

Step six
Add two more candles in front of the upside down seal.

There should be light shed on the front of the seal and from slightly above the seal.

Step seven
Evoke the spirit as you normally would. Go into a light state of trance. Recite your enns or simply repeat the spirits name until you feel the presence.

Look inside your crystal ball at the spirits seal that faces right side up and open the seal visually through the crystal. Then conjure the spirit.

Point you wand or your fingers at the spirits seal, do this for the duration of the evocation.

Tell the spirit to be seated in the triangle and make itself visible in your crystal ball.

Now sitting in your chair you should be pointing your wand at the spirits seal and seeing the spirits seal image in your crystal ball.

Ask him to make himself visible and relax your gaze into the crystals depths. In about 90 seconds you’ll begin seeing shapes and shadows distinguishing themselves. Repeat the spirits name to strengthen the vision.

Congratulations you’re seeing your spirit. Document the different visions you receive for analysis later. Don’t wreck your trance by trying to analyze now.

Thank the spirit and give license to depart.

Method for training your clairvoyance

As above but ask the spirit to show you things. Do this after you’ve established the spirits identity and seen the spirits image in the crystal ball

You can ask about a specific person, place or thing and gain information in this way.

Always reward your divination spirit after a good session. I give a shot of liquor and a cigarette to mine.

For your safety always keep the crystal ball covered and stored away from light due to the risk of accidental fire.

Please feel free to PM me if you have questions regarding this material.

This method is incredibly easy to master and is very effective at allowing a practioner to see the spirits he/she is working with.

This method yields satisfying results.




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Another smashing tutorial from you. This is awesome and I’m going to try working on this.

Also your Evocation guide could be used in conjunction with this method.

My current Evocation practice is based off your guide.

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Awesome! I love it!! Agree with @Kindraathe , another great informative post! Super excited to have a chance to use it!!


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amazing!!!Thank you Mike.
Is it suitable also a plazma light ball?


Thank you everyone for your positive feedback. I really hope that this guide enables other practicioners to see with clarity.