Michael W. Ford: "What I liked about the Become A Living God forum..."

Hell Y’all,

As you might have seen by now, one of my favorite authors, Michael W. Ford, has asked E.A. and me to release his new book Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Luciferianism & the Left-Hand Path. In fact, in his new video chat with E.A. — in part three which releases May 2 — he mentions this forum by name and compliments it:

What I liked about Become A Living God, and I’m a very solitary type person, I’m introspective, and an introvert in many cases. But what I liked about Become A Living God, and the forum, and everything that’s connected with that, is that there’s not a heavy statement on dogma. There’s not a, what I call a buzz word quota, which you see in a lot of orders, or forums of people.

I cannot say whether he posts and comments under a pseudonym on here, but I figured you would like to know that he supports it openly — which of course means that he has perused this place, if not more.

Anyhoo, I personally edited and even named his new book ‘the ultimate beginner’s guide…’ because it provides one of the clearest, most accessible immersions into Luciferianism that I have ever seen. It springs from his earlier book Wisdom of Eosphoros but transcends it and provides a much clearer and complete dissertation on the Left-Hand Path as a magick current, lifestyle, and philosophy — therefore, his most accessible, down-to-earth exegesis to date, i.e., not a thousand pages of meticulous, esoteric history.

You may watch his video on this page below to discover what you will learn in his book, and also why he views an alliance with E.A. as helpful to their mutual ascent. Furthermore, you may download a free chapter of his book there:

  • 11 Points of Power & 4 Pillars of Luciferianism
  • The Sorcerous Words of Power of the Adversary
  • 3 Magick Keys to Ascent on the Left-Hand Path
  • How to summon & incarnate your Daemon
  • How to undergo the Test of the Devil’s Mask
  • Key symbols & deific masks of Luciferianism
  • 12 core tools & initiations of Luciferian Magick
  • 9 most powerful ritual circles & triangles
  • REAL truth about Lucifer, Satan, Yahweh & more

Similar to E.A., magicians tend to either strongly support Michael’s vision and message, or hate and slander him. That said, E.A. and I have found him to be 100% genuine in his beliefs, highly intellectual, and a sincerely nice guy in personal discussions. He prefers solitude and to lose himself in a pile of history books instead of becoming embroiled in catty fights with other authors.

Regardless, I will drip a bit of excitement: I currently revise his entire Complete Works, and you will find out more on that soon.


i like him.


Michael W. Ford is legit. I purchased and devoured many of his works as well as enjoyed his many YouTube videos.

Luciferianism meets BALG is not only a good publishing move to bring more business to both labels, but continues to raise awareness for both enterprises and the greater black magick community.

Happy day!


His goatee is very iconic


I have usually enjoyed his work despite not always having the same opinion or experiences. Cool dude


I enjoyed the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford which outlines the 72 deitys from the Lessor Key and several other works and I look forward to this new work.

I caught him on YouTube with E.A. PREVIEW: How Michael W. Ford Became A Leading Luciferian, Part 1 of 3, very interesting to see him talk about his early life and how he started.


I love his u tube and snippets of information. Thank You and all those other wonderful things these authors are doing


E.A. letting himself go…


I personally am grateful that you are doing this. It will help many. Dark Blessings
You know who I am. :wink:


I am on board for all of them. Especially the book of the Watchers. Please tell me it is on your list.

Marvelous editing work BTW


I’ve only just rejoined the BALG Forum & wish to say in my first comment how great I think Michael W. Ford is. I’ve read a few of his books over the years and find Michael to be an incredibly intellectual and talented author.

Congratulations to all at BALG involved in getting Michael W. Ford’s books to be part of your ever growing great book collection.

I’ve enjoyed watching Michael’s you tube videos over the years too. He certainly understands Luciferianism in so many different ways. His videos are always educational and very informative.too.

Great move! Congratulations to you all.




First book I had from Michael W Ford was Liber HVHI
This was my introduction to him


Excellent and exciting news !!!

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I agree with you that it was very interesting indeed to hear Michael talk about his life and what led him to where he is today.

After reading quite a few of his books I found these videos quite illuminating about the actual man himself Michael W, Ford. I have found that his interview has given me a greater understanding of his work and where he is coming from now as well as in his past.

Great job BALG!



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Ford’s new grimoire will be a good read. Interesting that Ford was a musician and worked in the arts as he was developing his early magical skills.