Micah incantation [Dream Interpretation Request]

A couple of few days ago recited Micah’s incantation for money. While I was sleeping. Dream popped up. Like somebody came like girlfriend like something. So, I locked the door very first and hide behind the door. Then that person banged the door seriously until my head become lightly headed and I was seeing what was inside my head blue lights inside I’ll felt my head has been transformed.

Waking up in the morning starting to live my life. I’m seeing people I’ve started to like me so much and greeting me everyone whatever’s likes to greet me this days. But before nobody used to greet me including even people who know little bit about me just used to ignore greeting me. But things have changed.

Please any experiences about this. What was the meaning of the dream?

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Good work. It’s unclear if the dream is related, but keep doing what you’re doing :smiley:

Seems like a mental block might have been removed and this affects your reality and how others interact with you…